Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going Green

Going Green

It’s not always easy to make the big changes in your life, especially when you have a family to consider, but if you start off small and work your way up; you’ll find it easier to make some really positive changes. Help yourself and the environment by following this simple guide to Going Green:

In The Home

Smaller changes can make a big difference to your home and the environment – some of which you probably know and some of which you might not. Change your light bulbs for energy efficient ones, switch off TVs from standby mode when you’re not using them, start using bags for life when you shop – these are all simple tips that can really make a fantastic difference.

In The Office

First of all, get rid of those disposable plastic cups that you find in virtually every office. They are very bad for the environment and make a lot of unnecessary waste. Instead, get yourself some nice mugs and ceramic cups and simply rinse them out once you’re done. It makes far less mess and it can make a bigger difference to your mood if you have a bright and cheery mug on your desk, rather than a bland plastic cup.

In the garden

Compost bins are brilliant if you have a garden and really help to cut down on household waste. Food scrapings, peeling, teabags and even hair can be put onto your compost bin and once it has turned to mulch, you can use it on your flowers and plants. Many councils offer compost bins at a discount, or visit your local garden centre instead.

In your lifestyle

Learning to stretch your legs and take a walk instead of driving not only improves your wallet but your lifestyle as well. With our hectic lives, it can be hard to find time to exercise and get some fresh air, so why not combine your daily activities with a walk or bike ride? Cycle to work, walk to the shops or simply talk a family stroll around your local park. Join in with local groups and organisations, such as Bruderhof, and find out more about activities that can make a big difference to you and your environment.

In your budget

Buying your household items, such as paper towels and groceries, in bulk can cost you less and save on wasteful packaging. There are many outlet stores across the country that offer discount for buying large quantities which is ideal for non-perishable items. The other idea is to only buy what you need – fruit and veg will go off eventually and, although it can be good for your compost bin, it is a waste of money buying more than you need. Alternatively, why not try growing you own veg at home?

Baby Magic Rub-a-Dub Fun Tub Gift Set Review & Giveaway US only

Baby Magic products are they most preferred baby brand in our house. I even used it for my 10 year old son and my mom used it on me. I love the smell of the original products. I'm excited to share with you the Baby Magic Rub-a-Dub Fun Tub Gift Set.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Libre Tea Mug Winner

HipKiddo $25 GC Winner

Dr. Lewinn By Kinerase Instant Perfecting B.B. Cream

I am a mom on the go and I hardly ever wear makeup. I was really excited when B.B. creams came out more and now you can buy them at the drug stores. This is a B.B. Cream from Dr. Lewinn By Kinerease.

Natural Ways to Help with Depression and Anxiety

In recent history, many more studies have been conducted about mental health. Prescription drugs as treatment for Depression and Anxiety are a controversial topic. Some have benefited greatly from their effects and have gained a sense of their former life back. Others have complained of the side-effects of the supplements. While you should consult your doctor before taking any type of medication (or going off of any medication), you may not be aware of some of the more natural treatments available to you. 

Omega-3 and Multivitamins
Omega-3 is a fantastic supplement that has been shown to do a variety of things, including helping your brain communicate better with your body. Many individuals have reported that Omega-3 has helped ease their Depression and Anxiety when taken in the appropriate dosage on a consistent basis. Study your normal diet on a consistent basis and make sure that your body is getting the proper nutrition it needs. Your mood is greatly affected by the nutrients you’re feeding (or not feeding) to your body. Talk to your doctor about whether or not supplements would be beneficial to you. Be sure to choose a good source for purchasing your supplements. One great and convenient place to buy Omega-3 and other Multivitamins is through the website Seven Seas.

Seven Seas are renowned for very high quality multivitamins. The website is easy to navigate and informative, and the clear explanations for the importance of each product make all the verbiage straightforward and understandable -- especially for anyone who may have concerns about taking a supplement they've never taken before. Though it may seem like all vitamin brands are alike, you do want to be careful about what brands you're putting in your body -- higher quality brands will maximize the effects of the vitamins. Seven Seas has great products. 

Eat Well -- and Often
When your body gets hungry or goes into starvation mode, it’s not difficult to observe that you become tired and irritable. What you might not realize is that hunger also affects your mood. If you are extremely hungry, your hunger can trigger Anxiety. To keep your body from going into deep swings, be sure to keep your metabolism up. Choose healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables to nibble throughout the day.

Physical and Mental Exercise
Regular exercise helps your circulation and can brighten your mood. In addition to the physical benefits, it also greatly helps your mental health. It will give your head a chance to clear, and the sunshine, cool breezes, and fresh air can help divert your mind from cares and worries, so you can find your center. Journaling can also help you find your center. Take some time each evening or every other evening to write out the things in your head. You don’t have to write in complete sentences or even make any sense -- you’re the only one who will see it. If you need to, just write out bulleted lists to get your cares outside yourself. Journaling can help you sleep better, which will also help you recover from Depression or Anxiety.

PaigeOne looks forward to writing and being honest about a variety of subjects, from fashion to health.

Catty Stacks

Now I have 5 cats and I love them all. They are all under 4 and full of energy. I was excited to try out Catty Stacks.

Sweet Easter Greetings – Making Your Home Hop with Happiness

With Easter just around the corner it’s time to hop to it and get out your last-minute Easter decorations. If you’ve already decorated your home that’s wonderful, but there are always last minute decorations to consider, even eco-friendly ones! Double-check and make sure your Easter eggs are set out; you have pretty spring tableware that’s ready for guest to arrive and flowers that are placed in every bedroom. There are also plenty of homemade ideas that will brighten up your home as well — here are some thoughts on how you can make your home glow with spring time happiness.

Bunny Rabbit Napkins – Be creative and set out fabric patterned napkins at your formal dining table before company arrives on Easter. This is a simple yet charming touch for your dining room. However, just don’t set normal napkins, but make them into rabbit-shaped napkins that will only require a few folding techniques. Get on the Internet for specific instructions. If you are in need of some new fabric napkins use Lakeside collection coupons to help you save on spring time home décor, accessories and more. Your guests will love the nice touch that’s added to a classic table setting.

Eggshell Flower Displays – Dispersing flowers throughout your home will make your interiors glow and you’ll feel happier each time you set foot in the rooms. Bring your flower arranging skills one step further by placing the flowers in cracked egg shells that are then placed in eggcups. To be this creative you first need hollowed-out eggshells, so break a smaller part of the shell and rinse it out to make sure all of the egg remnants are gone. Don’t waste the actual egg though — it’s a good idea to time everything right and get your egg shells when you plan on making scrambled eggs. Now place beautiful lilacs and other favorite flowers in the recycled egg shells and then place the egg shells in your eggcups. You now have a beautiful flower display for Easter!

Patterned Bowls with Easter Eggs – If you’ve used coupons to help you purchase some pretty patterned bowls to place on your kitchen counters, then perhaps you should add some Easter eggs or fruit to your bowls. Stick with a sweet spring time theme and match your patterned bowls to fun tie-dyed eggs. This simple touch will make your kitchen inviting and you will be ready to enjoy Easter to the fullest. Spring is here and the weather will continue to warm up and there’s no doubt your home will look extra sweet for spring.

About the Author: Corinne loves the spring time. She can’t wait to decorate with last minute decorations for Easter.


The Snugg iPad3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case

We are a I everything family. Both my husband and I bot have iphones and ipads my son even has his own ipod. The Snugg has all of us covered with their great covers and accessories. I tried out their iPad3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case which retails for $69.99 but is on sale for $49.99.
Due to its innovative design, the keyboard is the case! The case combines a wireless keyboard with a built-in iPad stand. This tablet-protecting case is smart, sleek and resilient. The brushed aluminium finish means it compliments your iPad's beautiful design.
There is an area above the keys which holds your iPad in either portrait or landscape mode. It's then both extremely quick and easy to pair the wireless keyboard over Bluetooth with your iPad. Once connected, features include a home screen key which allows you to quickly exit an application. Shortcut combination keys work too.

No batteries needed as you can charge the keyboard via a USB cable - this is provided as part of the product. With a standby time of 60 days and uninterrupted working time of 55hrs, working on your communte or long journeys will never be an issue! The operating distance of 10 meters means you can even leave the iPad in your regular Snugg case and still use the keyboard! Great if you're working on something in a group or conference situation and everyone needs to see the screen. So why not take advantage of all the superb features of The New iPad with The Snugg Bluetooth Keyboard?!
- The new iPad (iPad 3) sits in the top of the keyboard in either portrait or landscape position.
- Lightweight material (280g), Sleek and stylish brushed aluminium finish.
- Clips onto the iPad as a case.
- Uninterrupted working battery life of 55hrs

My husband has taken over this one. He really likes it for business purposes. It is really easy to type on and easy to put in his bag to do his bids on the go. I will also be taking this one along on vacation for blogging it will easily fit in my carry on bag. It is very sturdy and well made. I would recommend this to anyone who uses a ipad.

I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Fiber One Bars from Publix

Did You Know: 9 out of 10 Americans aren’t getting the recommended amount of fiber each day? Now getting your fiber has never been tastier than with Fiber One's new Trail Mix and Protein bars. Taking care of yourself suddenly sounds like fun!

It all started with the Oats and Chocolate Fiber One bar, but now Fiber One offers several solutions to help you get the fiber you need. There are so many delicious ways to enjoy fiber! Check out their range of products at a Publix® near you.
Fiber One has 4 new bars available. I love these bars and so does my husband. We can even get Brendan to eat ones without nuts in them. These are easy for on the go you can just put one in your purse or diaper bag.
FIBER one® bars
  • Oats & Chocolate – 35% of your daily fiber with chocolate chunks, chocolate flavored drizzle & yes some oats
  • Chewy Trail Mix – 35% of your daily fiber with chocolate chunks, raisins, peanuts & cranberries
  • Caramel Nut Protein – 7g of protein plus 20% of your days’ fiber with caramel and peanuts wrapped in chocolate flavored coating
  • Coconut Almond Protein – 7g of protein plus 20% of your days’ fiber with coconut and almonds wrapped in a chocolate flavored coating
    My favorite is the Oats & Chocolate I do not like nuts really but Danny loves them and his favorite is the Trail mix.
    Make sure to head to your local Publix to pick up these bars. Also make sure to follow them on FACEBOOK
    "The information, products and gift pack were provided by General Mills and Publix® through MyBlogSpark."

    Zevia Zero Calorie Soda Giveaway 5 Winners!

    Once upon a time soda loving people had a revelation. They knew soda could be made smarter. The best ingredients with a guilt free sweetener seemed like an impossible dream. And yet, it wasn’t!

    Monday, March 25, 2013

    Mommy's Time Out Wine

    I am a big wine drinker and I like to sit back and relax with a good glass of wine occasionally. Mommy's Time Out wine did just the trick for me. Here is a little bit about them from their website.

    We All know that being a Mommy is a difficult job. A Mommy's Time Out is a well deserved break. These wines are delicate and fruity. They come from some of the finest vineyards in Italy where the best grapes are vinified, resulting in a long lasting finish. They are a great complement to food, or may be served as an aperitif.

    Green Toys: Cookware and Dining set Review & Giveaway

    Green Toys Inc. Home Page

    Green Toys

    Saturday, March 23, 2013

    Green Grab Bag by White Apricot

    Green Grab Bag is a monthly subscription service of natural, organic and vegan beauty samples. It is $15 a month for the subscription and shipping is free.

    Friday, March 22, 2013

    Solar Energy

    Misconceptions About Solar Power

    When there’s an abundance of information available on any particular topic such as solar power, facts are occasionally obscured by myths. The only way an educated decision about home solar power can be made is to dispel any misconceptions and focus only on the facts. Here are five commonly held misconceptions about the home solar power market:

    1. Solar power can only be used in warmer climates.

    Temperature has no effect on solar panels and the amount of power generated. Solar panels are in fact a little more efficient at energy production in cooler temperatures. The amount of sunlight that solar cells receive, which is termed as solar isolation, is the main factor. Accordingly, even northerly situated states and countries will receive enough sunlight for solar panels to work effectively. Currently, the world leader for solar photovoltaic energy is not a country reputed for particularly sunny skies, and that is Germany.

    2. After installing solar panels a back-up generator is required.

    The vast majority of homes that have solar power energy plants installed are connected to the electric grid. This allows for your home to be powered and any extra electricity to be fed back to the grid, which in effect actually turns your electric meter backwards.
    However, even during the night or on very cloudy days, you can still rely on electricity being provided by your local provider, as long as you install a grid-tie solar system, grid-ties being the most commonly available systems.

    3. Using solar power means you can’t use modern conveniences.

    Again, because your home will always remain connected to your local solar energy power supplier, you can use modern home conveniences at will, no matter how extreme their power consumption, although most modern appliances are extremely power friendly with ever-better standards being introduced on a regular basis.

    4. Because solar power is overly expensive, it’s not suitable for mass consumption.

    Billions of dollars of solar power research and a large amount of technological progress over decades are now resulting in reliable production and greatly reduced pricing. Further, due to governmental (both federal and state) as well as utility company backing, programs are now available which are suited and affordable to almost any home owner or business. A home-based solar system can provide 26 to 29 years of pollution-free electricity before it’s necessary for a replacement installation.

    5. The use of solar panels is environmentally unfriendly.

    A report compiled by the National Renewable Energy Lab found that the energy used to produce solar photovoltaic panels is paid back within one to four years, dependent on the amount of solar isolation which is available within your area and the type of panel used.
    Typically, solar panels last for 25 to 30 years, which means that net energy savings over and above other energy resources which are fossil-based is vast.
    What’s more, at the end of a solar panel’s life, the installer may offer to recycle the components.

    Baby Bee Haven Cush 'n Go Stroller Cushion Review & Giveaway

    Baby Bee Haven is a company that is all about comfort for your baby. They sell Stroller Covers, Seat Covers, Dream Feeder, and a organizer for your stroller. I tried out one of their Cush 'n Go Memory Foam Stroller Cushion which retails for $39.99.

    Thursday, March 21, 2013

    Easter Taggies Contest

    The “Win A Taggies Easter Basket” contest will run on Taggies Facebook page from March 15 – March 22, 2013. To be a part of the contest, please ‘like’ Taggies on Facebook and enter your information on the “Win A Taggies Easter Basket” tab. Three (3) lucky winners will be chosen to receive a Taggies Easter basket full of some of Taggies favorite items. Visit to win!

    Aquatopia™ Memory Foam Play Rug

    Aquatopia: innovative solutions for toddlers at playtime, naptime and bathtime.
    Aquatopia is a new company for me and I wish I would of found out about them sooner. They have some really awesome things. Today I will be telling you about their Aquatopia™ Memory Foam Play Rug. This is the size large 48 in X 48 in.

    Baking babies book & DVD winner

    Soft Scrub Winners

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013

    Moxxie Body Care

    Moxxie is a company who has handcrafted soaps and body care products. Here is a little about the company.

    Our goal is to create bath & body products which are pure and gentle, non-drying,hydrating, lightly scented and wonderfully textured - a healthful and spirited approach to skincare.

    We seek to craft the highest quality natural bath & body care products that promote healthy skin while nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

    We are committed to providing enjoyable and healthy face, hand and body soaps with the revitalizing benefits of the purest oils, natural botanicals and the finest cleansing ingredients for your skin.

    No parabens. No phthalates. No detergents. No synthetics.

    moxxie products are nurturing, satisfying, beneficial, self indulgent and honestly simple - essential to your daily cleansing routine.
    I received 4 items from them to try out. This is what I tried.
    The first item I tried is their Solid Sugar Scrub which retails for $8.00 in Citrus.
    Smooth Moisturizing. Delightful Exfoliation. Shea Butter Richness.

    Our Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes are perfect for bath or shower. The solid cube is convenient and provides super moisturizing exfoliation without the drippy mess of liquid oil scrubs. Available with lavender, citrus blend, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils.
    To use gently press 1 cube in your hand with water and massage onto wet skin. Gently scrub over your legs, arms and feet. Rinse. Perfect for softening rough, dry skin.

    These are the best scrub cubes that I have tried then do not fall apart and crumble in your hands they stay solid and they last longer and they are a great price!

    The next item is their Essential Lip Balm and it retails for $3.00 I tried their Peppermint.
    Stick with this Essential Lip Balm and your lips will be naturally soothed.
    Our 100% natural Essential Lip Balm creates a smooth protective barrier, locks in moisture and soothes irritated, dry lips. Made with the best food quality plant based oils and waxes. Infused with Vitamin E and pure essential oils.
    NO petroleum based ingredients. NO artificial colors or fragrances.

    This is my new purse lip balm I love it.

    The next item is their Body Cream 2oz sample a 4oz bottle retails for $7.00 in Lavender.
    A wonderful blend of whipped shea butter and sweet almond oil with pure essential oils. Absorbs quickly. Never greasy. Perfect for dry, thirsty hands and all over body care.

    Vitamin Rich. No Parabens. No Mineral Oils. No Petroleum Products. No Synthetics.

    Lastly is their Bar soap in the scent Everybody's Hand Soap and it retails for $6.00.
    Contains pure clary sage, patchouli and lemongrass essential oils. Stone cut organic oatmeal is added for its scrubby properties. Perfect for gardeners or anyone who gets their hands dirty. Great for all skin types. Non-drying.

    This smells great and they call it their gardening soap. It is beautiful and I really like it. My mom was trying to take it from me because she loved it as well. I cant wait to gift some of these items to friends and family.

    I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

    Nuby Fish Swoosh™ Bath time Play Set

    I love bath time it can be so fun with the right toys it makes getting clean a great time. This is Nuby's Fish Swoosh™ Bath time Play Set.
    Nuby’s Fish Swoosh™ is a another fun and interactive bath time toy from Nûby™. Fish Swoosh™ will help develop and improve your child’s motor skills as well as hand eye coordination. This bath time play set is so much fun. Your child can squeeze and squirt the fish between dunks in the goal! Sturdy suction cups keep the goal adhered to the bathtub wall for endless bath time fun. Fish Swoosh™ is sure to be a bath time favorite.
    Everyone played with this one in the bath. I think my 10 year old had the most fun but don't tell him I said that.
    We loved this and use it for all baths. It is like 2 toys in one you can make baskets and also use them as a squirting toy. We had a great time with them and all ages loved playing with it.

    This can be purchased at Buy baby Direct.

    I received this item from the Nuby Mommy program. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

    Purex Natural Elements Review & Giveaway

    Another great new product coming from Purex. I tried out Purex Natural Elements in Tropical Splash scent.

    Tuesday, March 19, 2013

    YesterYear Soap Company Review & Giveaway

    YesterYear Soap company makes hand crafted bars of soap in a lot of really great smells. I was sent a 3 bar sampler to try and it retails for $9.99.

    Purex Plus Fabric Softner With Crystals

    Im happy to share with you one of Purex newest laundry detergents. It is Purex with crystals.

    Nuby Wacky Ware

    I have another great Nuby feeding item. It is their Nuby Wacky Ware.

    My Little legs Ruffle Butt Cover & Socks

    my little legs
    little legs is not only a leg warmer company but they sell other items such as apparel and hair bows and socks. Here are 2 more items that I tried from them. First I will show you their socks.
    This is their Animal Print 4 pack these are in the 12-24 month size. They come in 3 other sizes and it retails for $12 for the 4. These are made out of 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex.

    My favorite item is their Ruffle Butt Covers and this is their Damask print it retails for $15.00.
    This is in size 0-6 month and they are have it in size 6-24 months. The best part is it is sooo cute on.
    This is on a almost 4 month old with a cloth diaper on.
    It is great to have if you are a photographer as well. She looks so cute in it and has alot of room to grow. This would be a great holiday skirt.

    I received these items for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

    Bummas Wipes Winner

    Conscious Box 3 Mo winner

    Monday, March 18, 2013

    Putting Edge Glow in the dark Golf

    Enter a new dimension of FUN with Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini Golf! Engage in a social atmosphere for any group, any size. From the moment you walk through the front door, you have left the real world" and have entered a world full of Fun, Imagination, and Activity. Whether six or sixty, male or female, Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini Golf delivers a high energy, high quality experience that is ideal for birthday parties, an outing with family or friends, special interest groups, corporate functions and more. So take a break from reality, and visit your Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini Golf Today!
    Save $20 off your next birthday party at PuttingEdge Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf!

    I can't wait to try this out and have a fun family night!

    I posted this post in relation to Us family Guide. I was not paid for this post.

    My Little Legs NEW Organic Leg Warmers

    my little legs

    My little legs is a store that carries baby leg warmers and other accessories for your little girl and little boy. I was sent 4 pairs of their New Organic Leg Warmers. They have 8 new pairs to choose from. Here are the ones that I tried out.

    Stokke MyCarrier Giveaway

    Are you a Babywearing mommy? Want to be? Or maybe your looking to try out a new baby carrier? Well You're in luck!!

    Welcome to the Stokke MyCarrier Giveaway!

    Photo Credits: Stokke

    Friday, March 15, 2013

    Beauty Box 5

    Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription it is $12 a month you get 4-5 samples of your favorite beauty brands. Here is the box I received.
    Once a month, we deliver a Beauty Box with four or five handpicked samples directly to your doorstep. Your Beauty Box will contain items like makeup, skin care products, hair care products, fragrances and a few other surprises!

    Learn more about your samples on our site! You can see exactly what other beauty lovers are saying about the products. Plus, you’ll find special how-tos and beauty tips right at your fingertips.

    We think you’re going to love your samples! If you just have to have more, you can purchase products directly from us, or from our partners.

    Sounds good? Well, here’s the bonus: share BB5 with five of your friends and earn a free one-month subscription! Just head to the Sharing Is Caring page!
    In my box I received Jean Pierre facial cleansing pads
    Ofra 3D loose shadow diamond glitz
    City Lips
    Ferro Cosmetics Blush
    Rosebud Salve

    I have heard of most of these brands already but I really liked trying out the products.  Make sure to follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

    I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.