Monday, March 31, 2014

Tomy Sweepstakes Win The Ultimate Easter Basket

Tomy toys has a great promotion going on and you all must enter. Starting today they are having a giveaway valued at almost $500! The prize pack includes a variety of products from Battroborg, Pokemon, Chuggington and More! Enter to win HERE.

Here is a full list of items in the Ultimate easter basket.

(1) Battroborg Battle arena
•           (1) Franky the hanky whale
•           (1) Do Re Mi Dolphins
•           (1) Chuggington Koko’s safari set
•           (1) Wilson Chuggington engine
•           (1) Brewster Chuggington engine
•           (1) KOKO Chuggington engine
•           (1) 8” John Deere shake and sounds monster treads
•           (1) Disney insulated straw cup
•           (1) TOMY Lil’ chirpers sorting eggs
•           (1) 15” Plush Apollo
•           (1) 15” plush cowbella
•           (1) Set of Pok√©mon trainer gloves
•           (1) Pokemon Clip n Carry Ball
•          (1) Pokemon 2 figure pack
•           (1) Pokemon battle arena
•           (1) Chespin Pokemon plush

Make sure you enter to win each day this contest is open until 4/4/2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Monster Energy Supercross #stlouis

Last evening we went to the Monster Energy AMA Supercorss event. I didn't know what to expect since we had never been before but it was so fun. We had pretty good seats and we could see everything. I wish I had brought my better camera but I got some pretty decent shots. This was the start of the first race.
It wasn't that loud but there was entertainment every minute that we were there and it was very exciting. The kids were sitting on their edge of their seats during all of the races. 
They even had a little kid race and they were ages 6-7 so cute!
They did a little race and they even gave trophies it was so sweet.
On the last 2 races they even had fire!
From start to finish it was about 4 hours long and we had a great time the entire time. The kids had alot of fun and so did Danny and I.I would definitely recommend going to  event in your area or again next year it is so much fun for the whole family.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hero's Of the City Movie App

An all-in-one, safe and fun children's application.
This is a perfect app for children 2-6 year. The app includes more than six hours of entertaining movies and nine exciting games!
The content is fully adapted to the target audience and is based on the popular television series Heroes of the City

More than six hours of entertaining movies!
Nine exciting games!
Air Play function for your Apple TV!
Collect trophies to unlock your own secret surprise!
One full movie episode, 3 games and a music video for free. 

Give your children their first contact with a new language; it is possible to switch between multiple languages. The app includes English, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Thai, Korean, Dutch, Italian, Czech and Hungarian languages.

I have this app on my iPad and on my iPhone. This really helps when we are at the Dr. office and are waiting for a long time. We can watch a movie play or play some games. You can also change the language that you would like it in and whats best is that it is free! There are alot of movies to choose from and they will keep kids entertained. You can earn trophies for the games you play. You can visit the store and purchase additional movies and games too.

I love this app and we will be using it alot. Especially for road trips!

Earths Best Letter of The Day Cookies and Organic Crunchin Crackers

Eb Logo

Earth's Best products are great for my family. The price is right and it is always conivent for my diaper bag. Today I tried out 2 great snacks from Earth's Best their Letter of the Day Cookies and their Crunchin Cookies.

Earth's Best Sesame Street Organic Letter of the Day Cookies are a nutritious and great tasting way for kids to learn their ABC's. Specially formulated for toddlers, they have no trans fat and are an excellent source of Iron, Zinc and six B Vitamins. Tremendous in taste and overflowing with chocolate chips, these cookies are sure to be a big hit with the entire family.
The other item we tried are the Crunchin Crackers.
  • Snacking fun with Big Bird and Elmo in every bite
  • Excellent source of iron, zinc and six B vitamins
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • No trans saturated fats
  • No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives

These are just like bites size Ritz crackers and not like gold fish ones like I thought they would be. These were great and they pack up nice in the diaper bag.

Stay tuned for more great Earth's Best products for your baby/toddlers.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beech-Nut New Products

I was selected to help promote and try out Beech-Nut's newest baby foods. I love Beech-Nut and we already use their products in our home for the baby. You can buy their products at most grocery stores. I was sent 4 products to try out here is the amazing gift we tried.

Lotus Bumz Cloth diaper and matching Leg Warmers Review + Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Lotus Bumz | Cloth Diapers | Affordable Cloth Diapers | Eco Friendly Baby Care | Green Diaper

Lotus Bumz provides the cutest and most stylish and exclusive cloth diapers with matching leg warmers for your babies bottom! I received this super cute elephant diaper with matching leg warmers.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baby Spa Review & Giveaway 2 Winners!

Bath time is very important to me at out house and I want to use great quality products and also nourish our little guys skin. We were excited to try out 3 of Baby Spa's products.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Black Positivity Bracelet Set winner

                                Lindsey Doepker 

Planet Wise Wet/Dry bag & Giveaway US & CANADA

When people hear that we cloth diaper I always get asked where do the dirty ones go? We use a Planet Wise pail liner at home in our diaper pail and for on the go use I love using our Planet Wise wet/dry bag and they retail for $21.00 and they are 12.5"x 15.5".

Drammy Droopers #clothdiaper winner

                              Vicki Axtell Hall

Bug Belly Banks 20 inch winner

                           Janet Watson!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Three Must-Have, Eco-Friendly Sandals for Spring

For many people, winter has been remarkably cold and long, so it may be difficult to imagine spring will ever return, while dreaming about it incessantly. One great way to beat the winter blues is by thinking forward to spring and choosing some must-have items to add to your wardrobe when winter finally melts and spring rules again. A good pedicure and high-quality sandal will usher in spring and carry you into summer. The best sandals are comfortable and versatile – casual enough to throw on for a trip to the beach, yet formal enough to wear with a beautiful maxi skirt or knee-length dress. Here are a few great options from Reef, which creates shoes made with water-based glues and are free of PVC.

A unique favorite in all Reef’s shoes, this Roman-style sandal features a beautiful leather weave design that adds versatility to its appearance. Unlike most flat sandals, Reef sandals feature a padded leather deck with arch and heel support to create comfort as well as style. Wear them with linen pants, short skirts, long skirts, or even shorts. Slightly Bohemian, these sandals are hippie-chic and go with just about anything.

If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward flip-flop, look no further. Reef has a variety of classic flip-flops, and one favorite is Reef Twisted Stars. The simple strap on this sandal features a braided, gold glitter strap that adds a touch of glitz and romance to any outfit. The glitter adds to the versatility of this sandal. Dress it up or down for a unique, beautiful look.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, the Guatemalan Knot features bright colors that will add a splash of pizzazz to many outfits. Best of all, the strap is made out of hand-woven textiles from Guatemala, providing jobs for local artisans. This style offers Reef’s signature sole, offering comfort that goes beyond the quality of a typical sandal. Available in a few different color choices, the Guatemala Knot is a great addition to your wardrobe and offers years of durability and style.

Flat Iron Expercts Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

Flat Iron Experts is a leading company with salon quality products. I tried out one of their blow dryers Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer and it retails for $219.99 and they have it for $174.95.
  • 1875 Watts, compact and powerful blow dryer
  • Built-in Ionic Generator eliminates static and creates ultimate shine
  • Far InfraRed Heat
  • Ceramic Technology
  • Weighs 18.34 oz, 520 gram
  • 2 heat settings, 2 speed settings, plus cool shot button
  • Extremely powerful airflow – 80 mph
  • Huge airflow - 86 m3/h
  • Packaged with two nozzles for extra styling versatility
  • Embedded handle switches
  • Ergonomic patented handle
  • Extra-long 14-foot durable power cord
  • Longlife Professional AC motor
  • An extremely powerful airflow will significantly cut down drying time, allowing the stylist to serve more customers.
  • High ionic output will eliminate static and create unsurpassed shine.
  • Balanced ergonomic design feels “gyroscopic” and allows the hairstylist to move freely and assume a more comfortable stance.
  • Voltage AC 110V 60Hz for use in USA/Canada
  • 6 month limited warranty
  • Made in France
This blow dryer was very quiet but so high powered. It turned my hair looking like this....
To this
It make my hair shiny and sleek and this was before I even used a flat iron. I didn't even hardly need to use the flat iron when I used this blow dryer it was so easy to sue with the attachments I just love it. It is small and compact that it would make very easy to travel with and wont take up alot of space in your bag. If you are looking for a great high quality blow dryer than this is a must have! Visit their site and check out all of the other products they carry. 

Follow them on FACEBOOK & TWITTER

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Swaddle Designs Swaddle Club

Swaddle Design SwaddleClub
Swaddle Designs are well known for their great swaddling blankets but did you know that they have a new addition to their site called the Swaddle Club. You can access the Swaddle Club from any smart phone , tablet or computer.

The SwaddleClub is a free service for new parents. The SwaddleClub provides free white noise, baby care videos, and helpful tips for parents with newborns. Easy to understand baby care information will help new parents learn to calm and comfort their baby.

We've been there - fresh home with a newborn and thought, now what? We would love to help. We partnered with Dr. Karp and The Happiest Baby to provide helpful information and free white noise directly to your smartphone.

First Smart Swaddling Blanket

We are excited to announce that after 10 years of helping parents with our 123 Swaddle® label, we are introducing the SwaddleClub label to make the helpful resources on the SwaddleClub easy to access from your smartphone. 

SwaddleDesigns - SwaddleClub - Home SwaddleDesigns - SwaddleClub - How to Swaddle SwaddleDesigns - SwaddleClub - Sleep Sounds SwaddleDesigns - SwaddleClub - Dr Karp

Featuring Dr. Harvey Karp

The SwaddleClub features renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, MD creator of the landmark DVD and book, The Happiest Baby on the Block. The SwaddleClub allows parents to stream specially-engineered Super-Soothing white noise, and watch an assortment of Dr. Karp's short videos. 

Free White Noise

Parents will have the opportunity to stream full-length super-soothing white noise by the Happiest Baby to assess different calming and sleep sounds to discover which sounds help calm and comfort their baby. 

How to Swaddle

New parents can easily access helpful information and videos from their smartphone. The SwaddleClub includes easy to follow how to swaddle instructions, diagrams and videos. 

Baby Care Videos

The SwaddleClub QR label makes it easy for parents to access short baby care videos and helpful information to a mobile phone. 

Beautiful New Collection

The Sunwashed Pastels featuring the SwaddleClub Label. 
SwaddleDesigns - Sunwashed Pastels SwaddleDesigns - Sunwashed Pastels SwaddleDesigns - Sunwashed Pastels SwaddleDesigns - Sunwashed Pastels 

Introducing Muslin Swaddles

SwaddleDesigns Premium Quality Muslin Swaddles featuring the SwaddleClub label.
SwaddleClub - Muslin Swaddles SwaddleClub - Muslin Swaddles  SwaddleClub - Muslin Swaddles SwaddleDesigns - iPhone Portrait 

Visit SwaddleClub

Swaddling Instructions, short baby care videos, safe sleep information, free white noise, and more!
SwaddleClub - iMac - Front view SwaddleClub - Visit SwaddleClub SwaddleClub - Mobile View - Home - How to Swaddle SwaddleClub - The Happiest Baby 

Make sure to visit their website and use this super helpful information on your baby or share with another mom! Also if you have not tried their blankets you must! We will be hosting a giveaway here soon so keep watching.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

EZ Squeezees Refillable pouches Review & Giveaway

EZ Squeezees

We buy alot of those baby food squeeze pouches. They can get expensive as the baby loves to eat out of them only and will not let us feed him baby food from a jar. I tried out a 3 pack of EZ Squeezees with large lids and it retails for $9.99.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Green Mountain Diapers Review & Giveaway #clothdiaper

My love for cloth diapers grows a little more every day. Now i have heard about Green Mountain Diapers but I have never tried out their products. Our baby had a sensitivity to anything that would stay wet on the skin when he was a newborn so i sold off all of our prefolds. Now that he is almost 1 he can use them. I got to try our some awesome products from Green Mountain Diapers. The first item is their Two Sided Wipes and they retail for $10.95 for 12.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Bit of Wine

A Bit Of Wine carries all of your wine needs such as storage options glasses and decor. I was sent 2 Wine Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cups to try out.
These cups retail for $14.95 each. They are really cute and fun to use. Anytime that I will have a small drink it is usually a glass of wine.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Earths Best Baby Food Pouches

Earth's Best

I love Earth's Best baby food products. We use them daily and I was sent a box of different items to try out. Today I will be sharing their baby food pouches. My baby can eat these all by himself now and he just sucks everything out. Here were the three that we tried.
The first is Carrot Split Pea Kamut this pouch has 2-3 grams of protein inside.

The next one we tried is their Pear Apricot and Barley.

NEW EARTH’S BEST ORGANIC® FRUIT & GRAIN PUREES offer healthful and unique flavors in portable, squeezable pouches for babies 6 months and older. These delicious blends of organic fruit and hearty whole grains are an ideal meal for your baby or a wholesome snack for your toddler. Each variety contains 2g of fiber per serving, 45% of the daily value of vitamin C, and 25% of the daily value of Zinc and antioxidant vitamins A & E.

The last one we tried was his favorite it was Organic Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie in Strawberry banana.
I love keeping these pouches in the diaper bag for easy feedings on the go. They have alot of great flavors and variety. I also save the points to buy things on their site.

Keep watching for more older baby snack and food items.