Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Bit of Wine

A Bit Of Wine carries all of your wine needs such as storage options glasses and decor. I was sent 2 Wine Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cups to try out.
These cups retail for $14.95 each. They are really cute and fun to use. Anytime that I will have a small drink it is usually a glass of wine.

The popular Vino2Go Wine Sippy cup is a great way to enjoy a bit of wine at the beach, while you are camping, or in your backyard. Take your drink golfing, tailgating, or just relaxing with friends. These durable, insulated wine tumblers are sure to be a bit at your next event. These are made of dura glass and are 100% BPA free plastic.

Each glass is an insulated wine glass made of 100% BPA free plastic
Holds up to 8oz of wine or beverage of your choice
comes with a Merlot red silicone lid to prevent spillage and looks great with both red and white wines.

This would make the perfect gift for the wine lover you have in your life.

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