Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going Green

Going Green

It’s not always easy to make the big changes in your life, especially when you have a family to consider, but if you start off small and work your way up; you’ll find it easier to make some really positive changes. Help yourself and the environment by following this simple guide to Going Green:

In The Home

Smaller changes can make a big difference to your home and the environment – some of which you probably know and some of which you might not. Change your light bulbs for energy efficient ones, switch off TVs from standby mode when you’re not using them, start using bags for life when you shop – these are all simple tips that can really make a fantastic difference.

In The Office

First of all, get rid of those disposable plastic cups that you find in virtually every office. They are very bad for the environment and make a lot of unnecessary waste. Instead, get yourself some nice mugs and ceramic cups and simply rinse them out once you’re done. It makes far less mess and it can make a bigger difference to your mood if you have a bright and cheery mug on your desk, rather than a bland plastic cup.

In the garden

Compost bins are brilliant if you have a garden and really help to cut down on household waste. Food scrapings, peeling, teabags and even hair can be put onto your compost bin and once it has turned to mulch, you can use it on your flowers and plants. Many councils offer compost bins at a discount, or visit your local garden centre instead.

In your lifestyle

Learning to stretch your legs and take a walk instead of driving not only improves your wallet but your lifestyle as well. With our hectic lives, it can be hard to find time to exercise and get some fresh air, so why not combine your daily activities with a walk or bike ride? Cycle to work, walk to the shops or simply talk a family stroll around your local park. Join in with local groups and organisations, such as Bruderhof, and find out more about activities that can make a big difference to you and your environment.

In your budget

Buying your household items, such as paper towels and groceries, in bulk can cost you less and save on wasteful packaging. There are many outlet stores across the country that offer discount for buying large quantities which is ideal for non-perishable items. The other idea is to only buy what you need – fruit and veg will go off eventually and, although it can be good for your compost bin, it is a waste of money buying more than you need. Alternatively, why not try growing you own veg at home?

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