Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Easter Greetings – Making Your Home Hop with Happiness

With Easter just around the corner it’s time to hop to it and get out your last-minute Easter decorations. If you’ve already decorated your home that’s wonderful, but there are always last minute decorations to consider, even eco-friendly ones! Double-check and make sure your Easter eggs are set out; you have pretty spring tableware that’s ready for guest to arrive and flowers that are placed in every bedroom. There are also plenty of homemade ideas that will brighten up your home as well — here are some thoughts on how you can make your home glow with spring time happiness.

Bunny Rabbit Napkins – Be creative and set out fabric patterned napkins at your formal dining table before company arrives on Easter. This is a simple yet charming touch for your dining room. However, just don’t set normal napkins, but make them into rabbit-shaped napkins that will only require a few folding techniques. Get on the Internet for specific instructions. If you are in need of some new fabric napkins use Lakeside collection coupons to help you save on spring time home décor, accessories and more. Your guests will love the nice touch that’s added to a classic table setting.

Eggshell Flower Displays – Dispersing flowers throughout your home will make your interiors glow and you’ll feel happier each time you set foot in the rooms. Bring your flower arranging skills one step further by placing the flowers in cracked egg shells that are then placed in eggcups. To be this creative you first need hollowed-out eggshells, so break a smaller part of the shell and rinse it out to make sure all of the egg remnants are gone. Don’t waste the actual egg though — it’s a good idea to time everything right and get your egg shells when you plan on making scrambled eggs. Now place beautiful lilacs and other favorite flowers in the recycled egg shells and then place the egg shells in your eggcups. You now have a beautiful flower display for Easter!

Patterned Bowls with Easter Eggs – If you’ve used coupons to help you purchase some pretty patterned bowls to place on your kitchen counters, then perhaps you should add some Easter eggs or fruit to your bowls. Stick with a sweet spring time theme and match your patterned bowls to fun tie-dyed eggs. This simple touch will make your kitchen inviting and you will be ready to enjoy Easter to the fullest. Spring is here and the weather will continue to warm up and there’s no doubt your home will look extra sweet for spring.

About the Author: Corinne loves the spring time. She can’t wait to decorate with last minute decorations for Easter.


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