Friday, October 14, 2011

Peeled Snacks Review & Giveaway

Available at ShopRite Dags Foodtown
This is a great snack for on the go. Each bag is a single snack serving. They are all organic, gluten free and taste great.
At Peeled Snacks we know that food starts out delicious and nutritious, and it doesn't need some machine to improve it, or an engineer to perfect it. We strive to bring you natural, premium ingredients so you can feel good about snacking. We believe a healthy diet includes a balanced mixture of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates to help you stay fit and active. Eating well doesn't have to mean eating tasteless, bland foods. It does, however, mean eating a healthy, wide range of foods from every food group.
We want to make snacking easy and enjoyable whether you're at home or on the go. We know that staying fit and maintaining a healthy diet can often be a challenge when you need a snack in a hurry. Available snacking options are usually loaded with high fructose corn syrup and sugar. Often finding a tasty alternative to satisfy the munchies can be a challenge. At Peeled Snacks, we use the highest quality fruit without any added sugar to help you towards achieving the five-a-day servings of fruit you need. Peeled Snacks are loaded with a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that your body craves.

These are a great size bag and you can keep them in your purse or diaper bag for an easy snack for the day.

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Want to win your own Peeled Snacks to try?
I received these items for review purposes only. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.


  1. You say this is a giveaway, but don't say how to enter. Did I miss something?

  2. Is there supposed to be a raffelcoppter for this?? It is not showing up.