Friday, October 14, 2011

Spongeables Review

Body Soap
Spongeables, LLC is a Los Angeles-based technology and innovation company providing leadership in new product concepts, delivery systems and categories within the global consumer products market. The company has invented a patent-pending technology and proprietary infusion manufacturing process combining time released cleansing products, efficacious skincare ingredients, and a sponge matrix in one convenient, long lasting product.
Spongeables’® delivery mechanism increases enjoyment and utility within the bathing environment. Our consumers benefit from having a fun, entertaining and relaxing spa-like experience. Though women and children have predominantly embraced the concept, our male products are gaining steam as well.

These products are paraban free and never tested on animals. They smell great and do a wonderful job of exfoliating the skin.
I was sent over 5 products for review. The first product is their Sponables Lavender Nectar for home & 2 go 2 pack $12.99
2 of a Perfect Pair. Spongeables® Lavender Nectar 20+ For HOME and 5+ for On-The-Go provides a luxurious, tension-relieving way to recover from a bad night’s sleep, get a head start on the most hectic day – or recover one’s equilibrium after a long one. A patented infusion process provides a guaranteed number of uses. Lavish helpings of rich Olive Oil keep skin soft and restore supple, youthful resilience. And then there’s the gentle massage texture that turns from lightly exfoliating to soft and silky when you give it a squeeze…stress and muscle aches disappear down the drain, while the body complexion is buffed to a healthy glow.

 Next is their treat for feet and the sent me 2 different scents with this one. With winter coming i feel my feet are drying out and I love a foot scrub. They sent Lavender-Tea tree oil aromatherapy and Citron- Eucalyuptus aromatherapy which retail for $14.99 each.

A duo of SPONGEABLES® 20+ Use PEDI-SCRUB™ FOOT BUFFERS in revitalizing Citron-Eucalyptus Aromatherapy and soothing Lavender-Tea Tree Oil Aromatherapy. Spa-worthy TLC for tired feet; a soft side cleanses and soothes, while a scruffy-textured side massages and exfoliates rough skin

Then is their Body Wash in a sponge body buffer in lavender nectar 4 in 1.
Use Spongeables with a fragrance to match every mood. Sparkling fresh Pink Grapefruit gets sleepyheads refreshed and ready to tackle anything the day delivers; Soothing 20 + Use Lavender Nectar washes away tension; and White Rose with also 20+ use, is a special scent for special days when you want to be the center of attention. Have it all…and enjoy the richness of moisturizing olive oil and the protection of Vitamin E.

Lastly is their 6in 1 beauty treatment Grapefruit zest- Pinp pepper which I could not find on their website so it must be new.
New patient pending anti-cellulite body wash and skin care delivery system. Fast & convient celulite smoothing every time you use. Exclusivly formulated with new Mulit-Sal muscle toner clinically shown to help fight cellulite. Natural Rhodofiltrat sea extracts microcirculation to help prevent dimpling on fatty areas. Specially textured pad enhances the delivery of anti cellulite ingrediients. Luxurious mositurizing body wash leaves skin so soft and supple. Unique surface exfloiates rough, dry skin, polishing from the nect to toe. Refreshing aromatherapy fragrence.
I recieved these items for review purposes. My opinions are honest ans I was not paid for this review.

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