Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to make your own healthy fruit rollups

This has been a requested post. Alot of you saw my post on facebook where we were making our ownfruit rollups and asked for the recipe. This is what I used.

Items needed:

2C fruit
1C applesauce
lemon juice

Depending on the fruit used you will want to cut it up until you get 2 cups. For peaches we left the skins on for extra fiber. Then set aside.
Add the 1c applesauce to a blender, a splash of lemon juice to help keep the color of the fruit from turning brown, and sugar. You can add as little or alot of sugar that you want. I added just a little bit to sweeten. next add the fruit and puree it unil all fruit is liquid.

Next if your using a dehydrator mine came with fruit leather trays spray with a bit of cooking spray and then pour.
If your dehydrator has holes inthe trays line with parchment paper and spray a little but of cooking spray. Pour out your mixture and smooth out until it is about 1/4in thich.
I had my temp on 135. when it isnt wet and you can peel it then it is finished. it took ours about 14 hours.


  1. Oooh those look really good :)

  2. I bought everything I needed to make this today, hopefully making them tomorrow. They do look amazing Angie.