Monday, May 23, 2016

Frugal Travel: Visiting Italy on a Budget

If you’re planning on traveling to Italy in the near future you’ve probably already spent a lot of money on your airfare, accommodations, clothing, and other expenses that come along with going on a trip of a lifetime. Visiting Italy will be incredible, until you arrive back home and see the bill! Instead of stressing before you go on your trip about unexpected expenses that are bound to come your way, make a plan beforehand. There are many ways you can save money before your trip takes place and also while you’re there. Here’s how:

Take affordable and memorable cooking classes
Forget spending a lot of money going on several tours. Instead make it count by investing your money on a Tuscany cooking vacation where you’ll be taught how to cook the most delicious meals in Italy. Experience a culinary school in Tuscany where you will learn all about traditional Italian cuisine and style while staying in a Renaissance Villa Pandolfinio and living a beautiful life during your stay!

Get money in Italy at a local ATM
Instead of exchanging your currency when you reach Italy, bring along your ATM debit card and withdrawal money there. Yes, there will still be service fees, but if you know a rough estimate about how much money you will be spending while you are there then you shouldn’t have to withdrawal money very often.

Plan your budget ahead of time
In order to stay within your budget, come up with a plan prior to arriving in Italy. Write out how much each activity you’d like to do will cost, what expenses could unexpectedly come up, and what to cut back on if needed. Providing yourself with a spending allowance and having a plan will help you save money along the way or at least keep you on track to spend only what your budget allows.

Find out if you can get a city pass
A city pass is a smart idea when you’re in a new country because it will save you money if you’d like to visit multiple destinations in one area. The discounted fee from a city pass will allow you to either cut back or spend money on other activities. It’s time to enjoy Italy even more, especially now that you have a frugal plan in place.

Try walking as opposed to spending money on transportation
Since you’ll be in Tuscany or a surrounding area where it’s absolutely beautiful, consider walking more than paying for transportation! Or, perhaps there will be a bike where you’re staying that you can borrow. Transportation fees add up, but if you walk more or ride a bike then you’ll be saving money. What’s more, you’ll also be getting exercise!



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