Thursday, February 18, 2016

Daniel Tigers new DVD release of Would You Be Mine

We were excited to be apart of the new Daniel Tigers release of the DVD Would you be mine.

This movie is great and we all watched it as a family. We love watching Daniel Tiger in our house as my little guy is really high strung and it helps him to focus and calm down. We love watching at nap time and bed times as well. I love how each show teaches manners and sharing and that is really helpful with little ones. I grew up watching Mr Rogers so I love being able to share this show with Jaxon.

I love that he runs around the house saying Ugga Mugga and he is learning and repeating things that he is hearing on the show. Sometimes I will also hear him stomping and counting just like is in the show.

We also received a great themed party pack to celebrate this movies release.
Jaxon was excited to have a party and we set up everything for our movie night.

This was a great family day and we can't wait until the next Daniel Tiger movie is released so we can watch it as well.

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