Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Ideal Home Health Care Agency Makeover: Improving Proficiency and Updating Software

Every health care agency needs some improvements, even if you think you have the latest equipment. Rather than relying on dinosaur printers and an old version of Microsoft Word, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. New equipment and software will undoubtedly help health care professionals become more proficient at their job.

Speaking of proficiency, once you have updated the software and made other small improvements such as updating the supplies needed to complete a job, think of other ways you can encourage other health care professionals to improve their work morale. Here’s how:

Update Healthcare Software
Healthcare software keeps your agency running smoothly, and not having the latest software can wreak havoc on billing, updating patient health statuses, and other essential business processes. Get with the program and easily manage all aspects of your home health agency .

Software like this has many great features, such as a secure, web-based application that make the communication between agencies, clinicians, and physicians take place when needed.

Stay Organized by Making a To-Do List Daily
Whether you’re the boss or an employee, you can improve work productivity by taking 15 extra minutes and writing out a daily list of tasks. Stay focused on what needs to be completed first and rate your tasks from most to least important. If you don’t think you’ll have time for the other items further down on the list, decide to work on the three most important tasks first. This may simply include helping an elderly person work on rehabilitation by working on three specific goals.

Set a Time frame for Particular Tasks
It’s okay to want to reach a goal with your patient in a particular time frame during one work day; however, many times it’s just not feasible. Set a goal to help the person to the best of your ability in a set time frame. After your time is up, change your focus by moving onto another person who needs your care.

When you do decide on a time frame, don’t forget to stay on schedule so you’re not keeping other people waiting. If you really get going with the person you’re helping, you’ll be surprised just how fast the time can fly, which is why a phone alarm or setting up an end time on your Google calendar can keep you on task.

Stay professional
n actually take away from helping them with their home care. Not to mention you’ll get less done during the day! It is okay to chat with the patient and communicating with them is important, but it’s also important not to divulge too much private information. Try to keep it professional, yet friendly, to the best of your ability.

Speak up on how you can help your patients more
Home care professionals have a voice, so don’t be afraid to speak up on how the agency can improve. If you feel certain software may be a better choice or that it’s way past due to get new equipment for a patient you’re working with, speak to someone who can make it happen. The last thing you need is a wheelchair, for example to break down when you’re trying to help a patient recover.
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Speak up on how you can help your patients more
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