Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Turtle Costume Review

Halloween is quickly approaching and while Jaxon is still little I can pick out anything I want for him to wear and this will most likely be the last year that I get to do so. This year he is going to be a super cute Turtle! I received this costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes and the shipping was fast and great.

I choose this costume in size large which is their 2T-4T size and it is on sale right now for $22.34.
Since Jaxon is 2 this year will be a really fun one since he is taking on his own personality and he is really funny. This turtle costume is warm so we wont need to wear a ton of clothing layers underneath. The hands on this costume can come off but I just left them attached so we don't have to hunt them down later on. Here is how it looks on.
I love the giant eyes on top of the head and the hood fits him pretty good I will most likely have to sew another small piece of velcro to it so that it fits him a little bit better.
The shell on the back is just so cute and he really liked it. It is attached to the costume so you don't have to worry about struggling to get it on your little one. There is just one zipper on the front that you have to worry about so it is easy to get it on and off so they can use the bathroom or get their diaper changed.

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