Thursday, October 1, 2015

EYLO Emergency Survival Tool

I am so glad to have tried out this product. This is the EYLO Emergency Survival Tool  and it retails for $35.00 with prime.

  • With EYLO you'll be prepared and ready to help your family, friends and loved ones during any emergency situation! 
    - LED Flashlight for car emergencies, home power outages and outdoor adventures like camping, fishing and hiking. (LED LIGHT HAS 3 LEVELS Bright/dim/flashing) 
    - Seat Belt Cutter for car emergencies and to cut other things like rope and string. 
    - Window Glass breaker Hammer for anytime you need to break your car window during an emergency. 
    - Emergency Flashers to aid if your car is broke down or to signal for help if needed. 
    - USB Port for charging your mobile device for emergency talk time or usage. 
    - Manual Hand Cranking Charging System. It gets frustrating always trying to replace or find your batteries!! With EYLO NO BATTERIES NEEDED!

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