Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pandaroos Charcoal Bamboo 5-Layer Cloth Diaper Insert Liners with Gusseted Legs & Wet Bag

We love our cloth diapers here and I am always on the lookout to try something new. We tried out the Pandaroos Charcoal Bamboo 5-Layer Cloth Diaper Insert Liners with Gusseted Legs & Wet Bag and it retails for $22.95 with Prime.

Pandaroo charcoal bamboo 5 layer diaper liner inserts gives your baby the best of both worlds - no need to choose between softness and dryness. The charcoal bamboo fleece outer layers are soft against your baby's skin while wicking moisture away and into the 3 layer microfiber core. Charcoal bamboo is naturally deodorizing and naturally dark in color, hiding unsightly stains. And charcoal bamboo has anti-bacterial properties as well. The microfiber core absorbs the moisture and keeps it away from your baby's bottom. Each insert measures 13" x 5.25" (34 cm x 13 cm)

These need to be washed 5-8 times to make sure they are fully absorbent so the more you use them the better they will work. I love to use these right into a cover and use it alone but you can also put these in your pocket diapers too. The leg gussets are really nice as they help keep all of the poop inside and Jaxon really put it to the test and it didn't even get on the cover at all. 

We also received this really nice size wet bag.
You can never have to many wet bags and this one is a really nice size for us to be a all day out bag. It has a handle with a snap so you can snap it on to anything. I like to snap mine to the stroller so I don't have to keep it in my diaper bad especially when it starts to get filled with diapers. I also like to keep a extra for wet clothes or even when we go to the pool. I would purchase this set again this is a really great value.

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