Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Toddler Pillow My Little Big Pillow

I have always been afraid on when was a good time to give my toddler a pillow in their beds. I was happy to try out the My Little Big Pillow.

It came so nicely packaged and I was so impressed. My toddler took it out of the box and carried it all around the house. I have never tried out a latex pillow so I was really interested in this one.
'My Little Big Pillow' is the ultimate pillow for your little one. Created by a mum of 2 for other families who also care about the quality of materials their child sleeps on. We care about providing a solution to ensure children sleep safely and comfortably, and also care about making premium materials and fillings affordable for parents. We take care and pride in the quality of our pillows and believe in having sincere integrity with our customers.
QUALITY MATERIALS Why choose latex? Shredded rubber comes from the sap of the rubber tree. Rubber has many benefits including having antibacterial properties and infinite loft. This is why it repels dust mites and makes it perfect as a hypoallergenic filling. Our pillow will not lose its shape, and fully support your child's head, neck and spine. Our pillow also comes with a super comfort case has a teddy bear soft feel on your little one's skin. They will love it! .
SIZE AND SHAPE Do not be disappointed in the size of your toddlers pillow! This pillow is larger than most toddler pillows yet smaller than a standard adult pillow 20" x 14" x 3". Our pillow will keep its shape for 10+ years so when your little one is ready for an adult pillow you can use this pillow as a travel pillow, nursing pillow or throw pillow.
VALUE FOR MONEY Latex pillows are pricier than synthetic pillows because the process of gaining tree sap takes a long time. It is the ultimate superior filling. Our pillows do not come off a massive production line, they are handcrafted to our careful specification. Our introductory price on Amazon makes this pillow as affordable as we possibly can. Boutique store prices sell in the range of $70 - $150!! So grab yourself a bargain before our introductory prices change! SNUGG GUARANTEE Lifetime happiness in our pillow guaranteed

This pillow is awesome and Jaxon has actually been sleeping thru the night. I'm not 100% sure if it is because this pillow is just to comfortable or what but ill take it! This pillow is soft and plushy and not paper thin like some other pillows that we have tried before. This is also the prefect size pillow for travel and I am stealing this one when we go on vacation in the long car ride. 

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