Wednesday, May 27, 2015

DE 6 Port USB Charging Station and Surge Protector Strip

We have alot of devices here and always have full outlets and I was happy to try out the DE 6 Port USB Charging Station and Surge Protector Strip.

This makes my life so much easier and I can charge all of my devices together instead of them being all over my room. This gives me plenty of space to charge my phone. iPad, camera, headphones and more.
Keep your mobile devices charged and protected with this DE 6 Port USB Surge Protector. It includes six USB ports, making it easy to charge up everyone's headsets, phones, tablets, fitness devices, digital cameras/camcorders, handheld video games, MP3 players and anything else that can be charged through a USB cord. It protects against surges with up to 70 joules of protection and provides a total of 7.1 amps of current.

This works great and we will be taking this one on vacation to charge all of our devices. 

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