Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Health and fitness for women

Even if you are not interested that much in this topic, you have probably noticed that in the past few years there is an increased number of MMA gyms and academies around the world. Most of them are offering Muay Thai classes specially designed for women. In addition, to this phenomenon you have probably seen the many videos found on the Internet and DVDs and Blu-Ray discs dedicated to Muay Thai and some other martial arts and combat sports. Once again, there are many of these videos created for women.

Today’s Muay Thai is based on the ancient fighting technique used by Thai people some 600 years ago. This is a type of unarmed combat that has helped Thai people protect their lives and country. Modern Muay Thai is very similar to this fighting technique but it is now recognized as a combat sport.
Even though we are certain that you will never be involved in a clash like the ones that took place in Thailand centuries ago, you will be surprised to hear that Muay Thai is an amazing health and fitness activity. This training comes with many different benefits.

Muay Thai is known as an outstanding cardio workout. If you are following the instruction of your trainer in the camp you can be sure that the results will be noticeable fast. This is a powerful all-round body workout which can help you lose weight, get in shape and focus your mind.

Muay Thai includes a series of different kicks that will activate your legs, back and abs. in addition; the punches that you will practice by using your fists and elbows will activate all the muscle groups in the upper part of your body. Women can lose more than 1000 calories after a two-hour training class at Bestmuaythai .

The fast action and the versatile exercises will help any women release her stress too. In other words, Muay Thai training is an excellent fitness activity.
Those looking to get fast results and have a great time while exercising should certainly travel to Thailand and join a Muay Thai training camp there!
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