Friday, May 15, 2015

CacheAlaska Air Vent Holder

We recently tried out the CacheAlaska Air Vent Holder for Danny's iPhone 6+ in his new work van. Here is now it came.

  • SECURELY FITS LARGE SCREEN SMART PHONES: Fits phones up to 8.4cm Width, iphone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • GET RID OF THE GPS: Now you can use your smart phone for your GPS. Mounts on most car air vents.
  • MUSIC PLAYER: Mount the Phone next to your car stereo; allows easy operation.
  • FREES UP SPACE: Mount your phone to the most convenient Air Vent to free up your cup holder or other console space!
  • KEEP YOUR MOBILE PHONE MOBILE: Easy to attach, remove or pocket! Don't get a large, bulky more permanent cell phone mount that makes getting your phone in/out of your car difficult. This highly portable phone mount can be used with a credit card to create a stand for your smartphone so it can be used as mini entertainment center. Set your phone up on the stand; music sounds better, videos are easy to view, clearing out your inbox is faster when you set your large screen phone up on it's stand.
It was a little tricky to just find the right method to keep everything from falling out. With his phone being a iPhone 6+ it is giant and pretty heavy. He said he has to remove the whole piece to get the phone off of it every time he needs it. It works pretty good and will stay in there if he gets it just in the right spot. It is a great item to have on the go and easy to have your phone at arms reach but not in your hands.

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