Monday, April 20, 2015

Pureley Great Cream Deodorant

Im all about using natural products so i tried out the Pureley Great Cream Deodorant. I have to start this post out saying that I totally did not like this. The first week I noticed that I was stinking really bad enough that I could smell myself even after a shower. I felt really dry and itchy but yet the smell was coming off. I contacted the company which told me that it was really normal as it was  "a transition period your armpits will detox since your pores are no longer being plugged up. Some people get scaly skin and pimples and smell more it could take a couple of weeks before your body adjusts to a natural product." Ok so i try it for another week and it is still the same thing and I feel like I can no longer go on using this product and walking around stinking all the time so i finally stopped using it. I started using my regular product that was working for me before and it took alost another 2 weeks to get the stink smell from happening after I switched back. Im not sure is this is normal but there was no way I wanted to find out. Im sure these products work for some but ir is not for me. Have any of you tried these types of products? Did they work for you?

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  1. I've never used a cream deodorant but I do use natural deodorants and it's so hard to find one that actually works. I've gone through a few different brands before finding one that seemed to last throughout the day.