Wednesday, April 1, 2015

7 Great Interior Decorating Ideas to Copy

Dying to give your house a makeover, but don’t know where to start? These easy-to-follow ideas will give your home a facelift without costing too much. Also, learn more about adding great elements to your home.

1. Instead of one big coffee table, set up two smaller square tables. The aesthetic will be modern and you can always push the tables together when company comes over.

2. Not sure what to line your mantel with? Peruse antique shops and get bowls in various colors. The bowls will be functional, too, since you can stash keys and jewelry in them.

3. When decorating a kid’s room or a playroom, hang art at their eye level, not yours.

4. If you purchase an old house, have the deed enlarged and frame it.

5. If you don’t love how a particular room looks, it may be the color, not the layout. Brighten up the area with new paint and lighter furnishings. You don’t have to let an entire room go unused because it’s too dark for your taste.

6. Don’t shy away from white or light colored fabrics just because you have kids in the house. Look for furniture that’s easy to clean or trust the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which seems to get rid of everything.

7. If you have chairs that have seen better days, you don’t need to recover them completely. Instead, find a cool fabric and cover just the seat backs.

With a little time and energy, you can repurpose your home’s furnishings instead of purchasing all new decor items!

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