Monday, March 16, 2015

Camera Coats Camera Bag Review

Are you ever chasing your toddler and you have your camera around your neck and its bouncing all over your body? Yep that's me at least 2 times a week. I was really happy to try out Camera Coats. They have camera covers and matching straps. Here is the one I was sent.

This is their Standard sized Aqua Navy Water Proof Rain Slicky.

Never leave your dslr camera behind again! This cute chevron Camera Coat is slim, trim, & ready to defend your camera! Great for protecting your camera whether its around your neck or in your purse.
Outside: 100% Designer Chevron Cotton Laminate 
Inside: 100% Soft White Cotton 
Padded, easy to wipe clean, and boasts a sturdy Velcro closure.
-Carefully made by hand in the USA.
-The sturdy buckle attaches to you camera strap so you don't lose your Camera Coat while shooting!
-The 3 awesome pockets in the back are perfect for your smartphone or extra SD card

This will be perfect for when we go to Florida and I love taking beach pics. They have super cute prints and look to be in stock of post of the really nice ones now. You keep the strap on it at all times and then when you are finished with your camera you just put your camera in it and velcro it shut. So your body is holding the camera up and the case is just keeping it protected. 

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