Thursday, December 18, 2014

National geographic Holiday Book Boutique

I received a great group of books from National Geographic to sample and share with my group. Here is the set we viewed.
If anyone wants to view a sample of these book and order at a great price click HERE. Here is some info on each book.

National Geographic My Weird but True Fact-a-Day Fun Journal

My Weird But True
Fact-a-Day Fun Journal
Celebrate your weird-but-true life
365 days a year with this fact-a-day fun
journal! Each entry features its own wacky
fact about the day, month, or season, along
with a quirky question or peculiar prompt
that encourages you to make this your own unique, personal,
write-in journal. You won’t just read about hilarious holidays,
wacky world traditions, bizarre birthdays, and offbeat information,
you’ll be right in the thick of the action!
National Geographic National Geographic Kids Cook Book
National Geographic Kids
Cook Book: A Year-Round
Fun Food Adventure
Join master chef and National Geographic
Explorer, Barton Seaver, on a year-round, fun
food adventure as he explains what it takes
to create the ultimate dish. Barton provides
scrumptious seasonal recipes, tips for
healthy eating, awesome crafts and activities,
and food-focused challenges, proving once and for all that cooking
can be a blast. Follow along as he teachers you to plant a kitchen
garden, host a dinner party for your friends, cook a festival holiday
meal, pack the perfect school lunch, and more!
National Geographic Funny Fill In: My Animal Adventure
Funny Fill In:
My Animal Adventure
You’ve just been selected to travel the world
photographing wildlife. What happens next
is up to you! Filled with excitement and
hilarity, this compositional challenge lets you
tell your very own story starring YOU! This
engaging, entertaining, and educational book
introduces you to animals from around the
globe and invites you to enter their world
by combining your story with theirs. Also
available: My Dinosaur Adventure; My Medieval Adventure.
National Geographic Welcome to the World
Welcome to the World:
A Keepsake Baby Book
Some gifts are so universal, yet so unique,
that you want to give them to someone special
now and hold on to some extras for yourself
or for future gift-giving occasions. This
classic treasure overflows with magnificent
color photographs, inspiring quotations, and
insightful poems that introduce a new baby to a
world full of beauty, promise, and hope—just what every parent wants
for their child—and provides elegant spaces to preserve each precious
National Geographic Animal Stories
Animal Stories: Heartwarming True
Tales from the Animal Kingdom
This perfect cuddle-up, read-aloud book is
filled with humorous and heroic, mischievous
and magical characters, brought to vivid
life through whimsical and sweet color
illustrations. From the famously courageous sled dog Balto to the
famed choreographer Balanchine’s amazing elephant ballerinas, animals
surprise, delight, inspire, and befriend us. Spanning the centuries and
the globe, a nostalgic, emotionally powerful collection such as this
comes along only once in a generation.
National Geographic Explore My World: Butterflies
Explore My World: Butterflies
The magical world of butterflies—their
beauty, their importance to plant life, and their
incredible metamorphosis and migration—
comes to vivid life in this wonderful picture
book for young explorers. Explore My World
books combine sweet and simple nonfiction
storytelling with high-quality, color photographs, creating a perfect
introduction to the wonders of the natural world for parents and kids
to curl up together and read aloud. Also available: Frogs; Penguins.
National Geographic Cool Animals Sticker Activity Book
Cool Animals Sticker Activity Book
Kids will love these fun-packed pages loaded
with colorful nature scenes and 1,000 stickers
of cool animals, including tigers, sharks, wolves,
vibrant snakes, frogs, and lizards, amazing
insects, and more! A unique blend of color
photographs and artwork allows kids to use
their stickers to bring hippos, giraffes, and
other African animals to the watering hole, to
show rays, sea turtles, and clown fish gliding through the coral reef,
and to leave treats for the big silverback gorillas. Interactive games,
mazes, drawing prompts, spelling and pattern activities, and more
will keep kids entertained, engaged, and learning. Also available:
Cutest Animals; Super Space.

This was a great sampling of books and they have many more to choose from online. These books are full of information that kids understand and the photos in the books are great.

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