Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting Through Cancer with a Support System

Being diagnosed with cancer is often times shocking and scary. You’re initial thought may be you never thought this could happen to you. Once the reality settles in you might be left with many questions such as what is your next plan of action, where should you get treatment, and how are you going to get through this. All of these thoughts are normal when you’re first diagnosed with cancer. However, do not panic because not only are there are a lot of fantastic doctors who will make sure you have the best treatment available, but you can create a support system so you’ll never feel alone.

Do Your Research

Not sure where to get treatment for your cancer? First do your research so that you know which doctors are the best and which ones specialize in your type of cancer. Then you’ll need to line up a few appointments with different specialists. After you meet with them you can make an educated decision on which doctors you’d like to get treatment from. After you have met a few doctors and have discussed your options, narrow down your list and decide on a doctor who you feel will help you fully recover.

For example if you have prostate cancer there are prostate treatments available in San Antonio. Cyberknife thereapy is one form of outpatient treatment. There is a START Center in San Antonio that after you visit the center five times for treatment you can resume your normal activities after each session. Consider all of your options carefully before making any decisions.

Inform Your Family Members

Don’t procrastinate in telling your family members. They can help you through not only the treatments, but they can offer you the support you need when you’re not feeling your best. It may be difficult telling them at first, but waiting to tell them will only make it more difficult to break the news to them later on. Take advantage of the support they can offer and you’ll be able to go through the treatments with less difficulty. Allow them to take you to appointments, be there when you’re not feeling well, and offer you encouragement when you’re feeling discouraged. That’s what family members are there for.

Join a Support Group

Family members are great, but if they personally have not gone through cancer sometimes it can be hard to relate with them on every level. Ask your doctor if they know of local support groups in your area. If they don’t know look online or ask another cancer patient if they are aware of any groups. Once you are aware of different groups that you can select from, join a cancer support group where you can really open up and talk about what you are going through. A support group will be able to lend a listening ear, be empathetic towards what you are going through, and be there when things are difficult. Who knows, you may develop some friendships that will really help you stay positive and be there for one another through thick and thin.

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