Tuesday, January 21, 2014

4 Knowledge 4 Fun Toys


I was able to browse around 4 knowledge 4 fun and they have some amazing toys for all ages. We tried out 2 toys one for baby and one for Brendan. Here they are. First is the My pad and it retails for $26.99 but their price is $23.45.

iving children stimulating, quality toys at a young age provides them with the tools they need to grow, thrive and learn. Through play, children explore their world and experience wonder and fulfillment, opening a world of possibilities. Knowing this, we created a line of preschool toys named Mirari, from the Latin word "wonder". Our toys embody classic play in an innovative way, without any unnecessary or overwhelming features, to entertain and engage children. Play should be pure in its experience, without added features that merely distract and detract from the magic of play. The Mirari brand of toys embraces this, bringing joy to children and families, because we believe that a world of wonder begins with playful discoveries.

he durable play tablet features 20 colorful light-up images and 40 fun sounds and phrases that activate when children press the arrow buttons. When switched on, each image your child navigates to results in a fun sound or education phrase. Children will have their very own learning pad to play with, and they’ll have fun pretending to be like mommy and daddy with their tablets.
A Fun Developmental Tool
  • Cognitive Learning (understanding the cause & effect relationship)
  • Sensory Development (exploring with hands and eyes, experiencing sounds and lights)
  • Imagination (pretending toys are like grown-ups’ electronics)

Imaginative play that allows children to pretend to be like the grown-ups in their lives is one of the most classic play patterns. For years, children have played with toy kitchens, tool benches, dress-up clothes, food, cars, and in more recent years they've had toy cell phones. In keeping with today's newest items, Mirari developed the myPad so that children can continue playing like mommy and daddy (and today's mommies and daddies have tablets). So, it's still the beloved pretend play, but it's been updated to fit today's child.
Mirari's innovative myPad features lights and sounds to keep children engaged, but we made sure there are no unnecessary features to overwhelm children and take away from the wonder of play.

Next is their Small Tool Box Set which retails for $33.00 for their price is $28.75.

About the Brand
Moulin Roty is a French toy company that had produced award-winning toys for over 40 years, and has charmed the youngest members of millions of families across the globe to date.
Moulin Roty is a tiny communal village in western France founded in 1972 as a quest for a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle. In 1975 The Moulin Roty Toy Company launched 2 toys: a car made of wood and sponge, and a soft rag doll named "la douillette" that charmed everyone with its originality. In 1980 Moulin Roty became a worker-owned cooperative. To ensure the development and the durability of the company, the founding members adopted the status of co-op (SCOP in French) to preserve the founding values of the brand: solidarity, sharing and respect.
Moulin Roty searches for the very best materials, selecting most of their fabrics from France and the rest from Europe because of their design and technical quality, as well as their non-toxicity. (Oeko-Tex certified). All solid wood used, mainly beech wood, comes from forests that are managed ecologically and that respect quotas for felling and re-planting.

This set is so cute and my son loves it. It is small and compact and it fits into small spaces. We keep this out in our garage because it is real tools and comes with a saw. This is perfect when he works with dad he has his own tools that he can use to help out. Love it.

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