Friday, October 11, 2013

Goody TangleFix

Goody TangleFix is a handheld brush that gently loosens tangles. TangleFix gently untangles straight, wavy, curly, or coarse hair textures easily and without pain. The soft, super-flexible bristles feature three different lengths to eliminate knots quickly. This brush works with the hair, not against it to ensure comfortable detangling and styling. With 89 percent of consumers reporting that their daughters experience tangles, TangleFix easily provides an excellent detangling solution in fun patterns and prints. With 70 percent more gentle detangling the TangleFix brush assures easy, gentle styling. It's easy enough for kids to use on themselves or for parents to detangle without the tears.
Super flexible bristles work with your hair not against it
Ease grip sides for better control while detangling
Dual size design for small or medium hands perfect for adults and children
Works great on wet or dry hair
Available in an assortment of colors and patterns
Perfect for a child to brush their own hair and without tears
Great for distributing conditioner in the shower

These come in a few different varieties. Goody TangleFix Adult Silver which can be found at Target, Walmart and Walgreen's.

Goody TangleFix Kids can be fount at Target and Walmart.
Goody TangleFix Mosaic can be found at walmart.

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