Monday, May 13, 2013

Nuby Bottle & Nipple Brush with Sponge Tip

With a baby you go through alot of bottles so you need a great quality bottle brush cleaner. Today I will share with you Nuby Bottle & Nipple Brush with Sponge Tip.
The new Easy Grip Bottle Brush by Nûby™ features a soft, textured handle, which ensures that you maintain a secure and comfortable grip when brush is in use. An added Nipple Brush conveniently stores inside the handle when not in use. The looped handle on top provides for easy hanging. Both brushes have soft, durable nylon bristles to sweep away residue easily. There is even a sponge tip to clean hard-to-reach areas!

It comes in different colors as well.
These work great for getting in the nipples and hard to reach places in the bottles. They dry nicely for the next use.

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