Monday, May 13, 2013

Four Reasons Why You Should Plan A Family Vacation

Families require a lot of hard work to stay close and function as a family unit. It's not as easy as it seems in Disney movies. The best way to stay together is to vacation together. Here are many reasons why your family should travel together this year.

Vacations Improve Health

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It has been proven by experts that vacations improve health and productivity. By traveling a person can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and improve his or her disposition. If your children are having behavioral problems then a vacation might be just what the doctor ordered: attention and family bonding make children feel secure and less anxious.

Stop hoarding vacation hours while you work yourself into an early grave. Go ahead and get your vitamin D this season: it's free, and the surf is calling.


Families Bond During Travels

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Even if your teens barely have time to text you (let alone answer your calls), if you mention a trip to Ireland they are sure to pay attention. Vacations bring a family together. From the hours spent on Aer Lingus crossing the pond to the days spent in Ireland enjoying the fresh air, your family will talk, share experiences, and build memories together.

Don't be surprised if your teen posts a lot of pictures of your vacation on Facebook and Instagram. Teens are most inclined to share family time on social networks when they are doing exciting, fun things like traveling.

Traveling Together Is Cheaper

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Your older children might love a trip with their friends' parents to Disney this summer. Maybe your spouse would like to vacation alone to see his family, too. However, when families travel in unison they often get group rates that save a lot of money.

Don't sacrifice savings and bonding for convenience: get the family on a schedule to vacation together. You will be glad you did when you see the financial and emotional benefits.

Trips Provide Educational Benefits

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Younger children aren't getting the education that they deserve these days. Schools require supplemental education from parents. An easy way to do that is to take your children to educational sites like Mount Rushmore, museums, or historical sites such as the Civil War reenactment. By experiencing educational vacations your kids can get a break from school, but keep on learning. Here are a few great options for parents:

  • Visit a Reservation: Let your kids learn about Native American traditions and culture first-hand on a reservation.
  • Scuba Dive: Teach children about the local fish habitat before diving, and then review it after they have seen the fish up close.
  • Volunteer Excursion: Teach kids about the world by volunteering this vacation to support others in a foreign country.

Consider giving your children a quiz about their experiences. Make it fun and easy, but challenge them to remember their educational vacation.

Taking time away from work and extracurricular activities like sports is important to every member of your family. Families need time to bond and grow together. By traveling together at least once a year you will feel closer, less anxious, and happier about life's outlook.

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