Monday, March 12, 2012

Dividing Jobs

The article written by Victor Flowers

My husband and I have divided up responsibilities, and that is how we have our house running so smoothly. I am in charge of cooking 3 nights a week, while he cooks 4 nights a week. Whoever doesn’t cook, cleans that night. I do the grocery shopping because I enjoy it, and he pays all the bills. I research our options for services, like on and such, and give him a summary of what I’ve found. He’s in charge of the yard work, and I am in charge of watering the flowers. He washes and dries all the clothes, but I fold and put them all away. I mop. He vacuums. I collect all the household trash, and he takes it out to the curb, and brings it back every week. I dust and straighten. He makes repairs. This may seem complicated and a strange way of doing things, but it works for us. This way, we don’t have to spend time arguing about who does what because it has all already been decided.

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