Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zylie The Bear Review Featuring Shen The Panda

Brendan was sent over Shen the panda kit which retails for $75.00. This item also ships free.
Meet Shen, Zylie's panda friend from China! His kit comes with an 18" plush Shen panda, in his green t-shirt, cool leather jacket and blue jeans. He also has his backpack, filled with his passport and, most importantly, his drumsticks
  • 18" jointed bear with fashionable clothes and accessories
  • Comes with signature leather jacket, khakis and green tee-shirt
  • Kit also includes Shen's backpack with his passport and all-important drum sticks
  • Second book in the Zylie adventure series included!

It came cutely packaged in this nice storage box and it was lager in size than i thought it would be.

Shen came with alot of great items incuding the book and backpack with lots of goodies. Brendan was really excited to see the drum sticks in his backpack and that the passport was really neat.

You can also purchase different clothing for the panda or for Zylie the bear who is a girl. Overall Brendan really loved this bear. He sleeps in bed with him on his pillow.

I received this item for review purposes only. Mu opinions are honest and i was not paid for this review.

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