Monday, August 29, 2011

Alphabeasts Review

Brendan was sent over a Alphabeast for review.  What are alphabeats?
The Alphabeasts are super-friendly characters that possess special powers. These incredible powers help the beasts work together to solve any problem on their exciting adventures. Always doing what is right, the Alphabeasts are giving and courteous, and they love to watch out for each other.
Why do the Alphabeasts have letters on their bodies?
These adventurous guys and girls have a letter of the alphabet right on their body that comes in handy when given a problem to solve or a duty to accomplish. No task is too small for the clan, and with the help of their most magical power…the ability to come together and spell words with their letters…they can get out of any jam or overcome any obstacle!
They sent over the letter T who is Topsy Turvey. They have 26 unique 15" double sided learning companions which retail for $20.00 each.

This beast lives up to his name while moving around Alphaland by flipping from his front side to his back side. Unorthodox, but effective. Topsy-Turvy can easily get turned around and lose his way, which means the other beasts spend a lot of time looking for him.
He is very soft and Brendan loves to sleep with him and use him as a pillow. These are a big thumbs up with us.
I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.


  1. I agree with sky.. but only the red side..the yellow is smiling.. but that could just be my brain telling me red= angry, yellow= sunshine :)I also agree with Brendan, I bet he makes a great pillow!

  2. Cute review :) My kids love Alphabeasts!