Tuesday, March 22, 2016

4 Ways Hair Stylists Can Make Their Client’s Day by Following These Tricks of the Trade

Whether you’re an owner of a hair salon or hair stylist at a salon, client satisfaction should be top on your list. For a stylist to be successful it’s important for her clients to continue to come back and it’s more than just giving a nice hair cut, which is still important. If you’re looking for ways to keep your clients happen, there are always ways you can improve. From creating a relationship with your client to remembering something that’s important to him or her, it’s the little things that go a long way to maintaining your customers. Want more tips on how to make your client’s day and keep them around? Keep reading!

Invest in quality hair products and accessories 

Most clients are interesting learning what’s new in the hair industry world, which includes giving them advice on which shampoo and conditioner is the best for their hair and what needs improvement in regards to their tresses. Just because you need to focus on having nice supplies doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, however. Cheap hair products that are still high quality will be a winning factor to your customers, as will shampoo, conditioner, hair creams, and more that works well with their hair type. Ask your customers what they love the most and stick with what sells.

Form a relationship with your customers 
If a customer feels like they can converse with you and be themselves, chances are they will come back to you, not only because they like their hairstyle, but they enjoy talking to you as well! Make your customer feel at ease and get to know them and they will appreciate the effort. In fact, since being a stylist focuses on maintaining a positive relationship with clients, the more you remember about your customer, the better. In other words, become friends, and you’ll have a repeat customer for a long time!

Remember their special preferences
Most customers have preferences when they get their hair cut, as to how much they want cut, what type of hairstyle they prefer and other small details that are important to them. Remember what they like and dislike and make a mental note (or real notes!) so you can recall next time they come in. And if it means giving them a longer head massage because it’s their favorite while you wash their hair, go the extra mile! It’s the small things that’ll matter the most and help a customer continue to come back.

Ask them a lot of questions
Some customers won’t care as much about their hair but others will. Asking them questions as to how much they want cut off of their tresses and actually listening to their instructions is important. You may have in mind what you think would look great on someone, but it’s ultimately up to them. Listen to what they want and stick to it. A person is more likely to come back to you if you take the time to listen and follow through on helping them achieve their ultimate hairstyle.


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