Thursday, February 19, 2015

Floof Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper

Everyone that reads this blogs knows that I am cloth diaper obsessed and I just have to have them all. I have recently taken a new love to fitted diapers now that Booboo is sleeping longer at night. Even though I still put a cover on them I love the prints and colors on them. I was excited to try out a hybrid fitted ice dyed diaper from Floof. First here is a little bit about her and her shop.

I'm a sahm mom of 3, one in diapers. Creating keeps me grounded and helps me to be a pleasant mommy to be around. I love making diapers and wool shorts/pants/skirts...but I get bored if that's all I'm making so don't be surprised if I pop out with something random every now and then! 

Now here is the ice dyed diaper I received. This diaper is made out of Cotton knit outer, poly fleece hidden, cotton velour inner. The soaker is two layers shobf and one layer cv, booster is 2 layer shobf (super heavy organic bamboo fleece).
The inside of the diaper is so soft and booboo kept rubbing it on his face and loving on it. I thought it was so sweet.
The outside is so pretty and it is hard to find pretty for a little boy.
I love the orange snaps that go with it also and the insert inside had a extra snap in booster and I need it for my heavy wetter.
Here is how it looks on.
Here is the butt shot.
I love this diaper and it has been working out great for us at nighttime. 

Check out Floof on FACEBOOK and her HYENA CART.

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