Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Improve Your Love Life

Love is a beautiful thing, but if you're being honest, you know it takes a lot of work. At first love starts out with fireworks and butterflies – you can’t wait to see that person again, and you count down the moments until you’re going on your next date. Fast forward to a decade later when you’re married and busy with a successful career. You still adore your significant other, but there are other priorities as well.

Making a living, paying the mortgage, and planning for the future are just a few things that are on your mind daily. Many people can get so caught up in their future that they forget about the here and now. And unfortunately, their significant other can get lost in the mix of it all.

If this sounds a lot like you, many couples struggle with the same issues. In a world that keeps you so busy, it’s hard to make time for the little things, like watching a movie on the sofa with your sweetheart or taking a walk in the park. If you find that you are allowing busy days to overtake your love life, it’snot too late to reinstate some romance. Here are a few simple yet effective ways to improve your love life:

•    Set aside a half an hour every day to talk – If you are one of those couples in which both people have very successful and busy careers, that’s great, but don’t allow your relationship to suffer because of it. Make a point to sit down once a day and talk about your day. Reconnect about things that matter so you can feel connected and included in on one another’s lives.

•    Treat one another to little surprises – Sweet gestures don’t have to be elaborate, and you can be thoughtful by doing something simple. For example, place a note on your hubby’s desk that tells him you’re thinking about him. Or, take some time to make his favorite dessert. Husbands can find time to take their wife to romantic film once in a while and maybe even sneak in a quick back rub.

•    Work on your sex life – Unfortunately, when couples get busy their sex life can suffer. Don’t feel embarrassed to get help when your sexual intimacy is lacking. A Dallas sex therapist can help. Simply talking through your issues and deciding what makes you both happy intimately can result in you both feeling connected again.

•    Talk through your issues and concerns – Many couples have a hard time staying together because they lack one main ingredient: communication. Talking through what is bothering you and making a point to improve on any issues is what saves a relationship and brings you closer together. As opposed to holding grudges and staying mad at your loved one, find a time to calmly talk through your frustrations and figure out a solution.

•    Say “I love you” more often – Saying I love you is simple, yet so powerful, isn’t it? Even though it’s a common phrase, this genuine phrase should be used more often. Tell your significant other that you love one another daily and build the trust between you. Plus, saying this simple phrase tells your lover that dedication is important.

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