Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fun Family Activities When on a Budget

I love the holidays. It lets me spend more time with those I cherish most: my family. During the winter, I enjoy the small moments that grow us closer. We participate in so many family friendly activities.

Here are a few simple bonding ideas that your family may enjoy.

Free Events

Most big cities and small towns have annual holiday events. These events encourage family bonding with wholesome fun. Typical free holiday events include caroling, Christmas themed plays, tree lighting, celebrations of the 8 days of Hanukkah, and Santa visits.

Check your city's website for a listing of free events happening in your area.


Let your child help out with the shopping this year. Designate a special job for them, such as picking out dad's present, or keeping all the coupons.

Use this trip to not only increase your bond but teach them smarter money habits. Turn it into a game. Tell them to hold the Macy's and Kohl's coupons. They will be in charge of making sure you use them. Encourage your child to hand the cashier each coupon, and then explain the savings.

Make them see coupons and savings as a fun part of shopping. Indirectly, it will help your child associate savings with fun.

Movie Nights

Rent or buy a bunch of holiday films. Include a few classic films and recent ones. Buying classic and modern holiday films will give them a broader appreciation of films, and introduce your child to some of your favorite childhood holiday movies.

Make movie night a regular thing that everyone in your family can enjoy.


Unfortunately, sometimes a lot of our holiday break time revolves around the kitchen. This takes us away from bonding more with our child. Solve this problem by making your child your little helper.

Let them take charge of the rolling, stirring, and adding ingredients part of baking and cooking. Turn it into a fun activity that could grow their love of cooking. They will also take pride in their cooking accomplishment.

Decorating the House

Decorating the Christmas tree together is one of the most magical parts of celebrating Christmas.So grab some eggnog, take out that large bag of decorations, and begin to hang up all those holiday decorations.

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