Saturday, November 14, 2015

Peppa Pig Cold Winter Day Review & Giveaway

Jax is obsessed with Peppa Pig and it was the first show that could capture his attention. I can pop in a Peppa DVD and I can finish up orders and its a win win for everyone.  I love the message of these dvd and the lessons that are taught since my little guy is quite the handful. He loves all of his DVD's equally and will watch a new one over and over. Since he will be 3 soon he is really noticing things and our winters are really cold in the Midwest so I am excited for this movie to help him learn what is coming here.

In Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day, everyone's favorite friend, Peppa Pig, is
ready to show preschoolers how much fun awaits this winter season. Young
viewers join Peppa and her family and friends as they build a snowman, throw
snowballs, race their sleds and much more!

The new release features 10 "peppasodes" that are filled with all the
kindness, laughter, and gentle life lessons that make Peppa Pig one of the
world's most beloved preschool properties.

Episodes include:

*        "Cold Winter Day" 

*        "Not Very Well" 

*        "Snow" 

*        "Thunderstorm" 

*        "The Sleepy Princess" 

*        "Bedtime" 

*        "Swimming" 

*        "Daddy Pig's Office"

*        "Ice Skating"

*        "The Toy Cupboard"

Want to win a Peppa Pig Cold Winter Day DVD of your own??

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  1. I have not seen Peppa the Pig. My childs favorite tv show is Sofia the First. Thanks for the giveaway. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(dot)com

  2. Yes, my grandson and I have watched many of Peppa episodes together. This is by far his favorite show right now!

  3. Yes we watch Peppa pig here. We have some of the DVDs but we don't have this one. He really like the Back To School Peppa Pig DVD.

  4. Oh he loves watching Peppa Pig! We watch quite often. His favorite is
    "Thunderstorm"! So excited its on this DVD!

  5. My son love peppa! Although he thinks she's a boy. lol, one of his other favorites is Paw Patrol!

  6. We do like to watch Peppa. We also like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.