Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tommy Nelson I Love You Even When & Giveaway

I love reading books to the kids and they love being read to just as much. This book is a sequel to another previous book called I love you all the same. We have not read the first one but I hope to add it to my reading shelf. We were lucky to try out the book from Tommy Nelson I Love You Even When.

 This is a story about a bear family who has 3 children who get themselves in alot of trouble. Even though they get in trouble their parents let them know no matter what they do Gods great love and theirs has no conditions and I love you even when. This book has a great message that kids can relate to.
This is a great book especially for our family as foster parents to let each of our kids know that even though they are all different they are all loved even when they do things we may not understand. We really liked this book and it has a new home on our reading shelf.

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  1. I have 3 children and I encourage sibling love by encouraging friendship and sharing, and they get put into time out or lose privileges when they are mean or hateful toward their brothers. All 3 of my children are boys and are very close in age so they have a lot in common and tend to get along pretty well.

  2. I have encouraged my two to love each other through shared experiences - games, reading books together and vacations/local adventures.