Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Simple Pleasures for Your Home

After coming home after a stressful day at work or spending a long day with the kids, it’s the simple pleasures in your home that make you feel happy, calm, and at peace. Simple pleasures can include having a nice big tub in your bathroom to relax in at night to lighting a candle that smells nice in your home. Of course there are also the other nice comforts such as fresh towels, a cabana outside your home to lounge in, and trendy baskets to put new magazines in. Enjoy decorating your home with the simple pleasures and check out these suggestions:

Infuse Art 
Do you have favorite art books? If so, include them on bookshelves and other places in your home, such as a work desk or footstool. Stacking a few art books on top of one another and placing them on a dresser or bookshelf is another way to display your prized processions.

In regards to art for your wall, you can also visit local galleries to see what’s new and perhaps buy a piece or two to place in your home. If you have a favorite artist save up for an original piece and place it in your home’s entry way to make it stand out. Art can go in any interior really, and will personalize your home and add to its personality.

A Soaking Tub
If you enjoy soaking in a giant tub then this may be the perfect way to enjoy life’s simple pleasures every day. A soaking tub goes perfectly in a master bathroom and is great as a focal point for the space. During the weekend you can light several candles that you would place on the edge of your tub and soak away after a long, stressful day. A relaxing and quality tub and other supporting bathroom accents can add comfort during a chaotic week.

Organize Your Home
It may not seem like a simple pleasure, but keeping your home clean and tidy should relax you. Why? You are showing love to a home that makes you feel relaxed in no matter the circumstances. So dust your shelves weekly and vacuum your carpet weekly as well, depending on the foot traffic you might be receiving. An organized home will keep you happy and make you feel accomplished that you took the time to keep things tidy.

Replace Hardware
If there are cabinet pulls and other hardware that you’ve been meaning to replace, why wait? Cabinet hinges, pulls, and accessories will not only add style to your home, but they will make your home more functional too. You’ll feel better knowing you won’t have to worry about your dresser drawer collapsing because the hinge is broken or you can’t pull it open with a broken pull. Add hardware and make your furniture functional and trendy.

Light a Candle
A nice smelling home makes all the difference. Having a few candles that you love the smell of can make your home feel inviting and smell amazing when guests arrive. Just remember to keep safety in mind – if your candle is lit just make sure you check on it occasionally and never leave the home without blowing it out and making sure the flame is fully extinguished.

Soft and Patterned Footstools 
If pretty things like soft and patterned footstools make you happy, don’t be afraid to implement them in your apartment! Shop and buy a footstool that’s constructed with leather or a synthetic fabric that’s soft. A playful pattern such as chevron or paisley would certainly accent an eclectic interior.

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