Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Highlights High Five™ Magazine

When Brendan was little he had a subscription to Highlights High Five™ Magazine and he always loved it when it was his mail day. You can get a 1 year subscription which is 12 issues for $34.44.
High Five helps you encourage your child’s development and gives you an ideal opportunity for one-on-one fun together.
Each monthly issue brings 40 pages of read-along stories and poems, simple crafts and recipes, learning games, puzzles for beginners and other activities that can set your child on the path to becoming a lifelong learner.
Every page reinforces skills that prepare preschoolers for reading, math and other areas of learning. High Five also offers positive role models and constructive activities that help build character and self-confidence.
This magazine is packed with alot of entertainment it includes sections for reading, puzzles activities and a fun bonus page. This is June's magazine and we had a great time reading and looking thru all of the activities. Our favorite when Brendan was little is their hidden pictures and it has one in this magazine still. It really helps get the mind moving to look and the excitement he has when he finds the item he is looking for. 
Lucas can not wait to start getting his subscription to this magazine. It is a nice time for us to sit together and bond a bit.

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