Monday, June 29, 2015

Tommy Nelson Bedtime Devotions with Jesus & Noah’s Noisy Zoo & Giveaway

I received 2 books for review for June and I am excite to share with with you. First is Bedtime Devotions by Johnny Hunt.

*ages  4-8

*Helps kids build a solid, biblically based foundation early in their faith development

*Shows children that bedtime can be a special time for talking to God
*Children will love the together-time spent with Mom and Dad as they settle down and prepare for bed

This is a great book and my 4 year old loves to read this before bed at night. It starts on Week 1 and on a Monday. It is a really good bonding time for me and our foster son to read together. He actually listens to what I am reading and it is easy for him to understand. 

The next book is Noah's Noisy Zoo.
-Unique fit-together format features bold, colorful cut-outs that will engage small children
-Wonderful introduction to the Noah’s Ark story for the youngest hearts
-Perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, or anytime!

This book is SOO cute. Jaxon just loves to feel the raised shapes and call out all of the animals. My 4 year old also loves this boos as well. I have always loved Noah's Arc and anything to do with it and this would make a awesome gift for a baby shower or for anyone who loves board books. 

One lucky TTGG follower will be winning both of these books!

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  1. In saying prayers at bedtime, we think about our blessings and being thankful for them, ask God to bless us and others, and tell my son, "Daddy and Mama love you, but Jesus loves you the most!"

  2. I like my children sleep peacefully and dream beautiful things, and I always try to read things that give them tranquility and peace.