Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SUMSONIC Ultrasonic Control Selfie Stick

Taking selfies is all the hype right now so we had to get in on the action too. We tried out the SUMSONIC Ultrasonic Control Selfie Stick.

  •  THE ONLY APP ULTRASONIC CONTROL SELFIE STICK AT THE MARKET ! (JUST DOWNLOAD A FREE APP, SUPPORT IOS AND ANDROID) - It offers easy, precise, push button controlled eye-level camera height setting, essential for avoiding blurred photos quickly and smoothly. You won't need Bluetooth pairing nor cable to plug in, just download the app for free by scanning the QR code in the package. A monopod that do an excellent job that suitable in all situation and occasion.
  • ★ ZOOM FUNCTION, CAN ADJUST THE ZOOM/FOCAL DISTANCE. - This Hand held selfie stick is perfect for doing hand held selfie videos in the field with you looking into the camera as you talk while walking, biking or doing other activities with adjustable zoom function to broadening the viewing angle of whatever you are shooting. Sumsonic acts like a mini boom so you get more than just a shot of your face. Offers wider shot allows more of the surroundings show up in your video or photo.
  • ★ THREE SIDES CLAMPS HOLDER WITH MIRROR, WAIST STRAP INCLUDED - It's convenient and offers great stability for your phones, and it does what it's designed to do. You can use this SUMSONIC monopod to either steady your rig on a table, or to put the Phone overhead, down low or use it to peek around corners. And with the built-in mirror on the bracket, you could even use it to frame frame outermost area.
  • ★ SEVEN STAINLESS STEEL SECTION, CAN BE EXTENDED FROM 9.25" TO 39", LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT - It's design as extension to your arm for taking photos. It comes with stainless adjustable length that you'll surely love; solidly built, twist to extend arms and a comfortable yet grippy handle. It is one of the toughest in all bunches MONOPOD in the market. It's very lightweight and Compact that can fit in the pocket. Take it anywhere!
  • ★ NO QUESTIONS, NO HASSLE, MONEY BACK/REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE! AND TWO YEAR WARRANTY! - Customer's Satisfaction is Super Priority! If you are not satisfied with our selfie stick monopod or any other things, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently!
This was easy to set up and use. I charged it overnight and started to use it the next day. This had a app you download to take your pictures and doesn't use bluetooth so your phone battery will last longer. The pole stretches out to 39 inches you can can get alot of people in your pics. 

The size is prefect and it fits in my purse or diaper bag. This is awesome and we really liked it. We will be taking many selfies on vacation.

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