Wednesday, June 3, 2015

M Is For Monster Toddler Monthly Subscription Box

We do alot of learning and crafting at our house and we were excited to try out the M Is For Monster Box. They have a few different boxes to choose from and this is their toddler box and it retails for $42.95. Included is an activity sheep that tells you what is in the box and what that activity focuses on.

It comes with 4 weeks of activities all packaged up in bright and colorful bags.

This toddler box also came with a glue stick and a box of crayons.

This week came with 3 activities all about frogs. Hop on the lily pads with upper case letters.
  The frog life cycle.
Feed the frog.
Week 2 is all about Strawberries.
Strawberry beach ball.
 The little mouse, red ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear book,
 S is for strawberry letter and stickers,

Week 3 is all about the Bees!
Bee Hive Game.
Letter B Play Doh Tracing.
Count The Bees.
Week 4 is Flowers.
Flower watercolor art.
This box is super cute and prefect if you like to do crafts with your kids but do not have the time to do the prep work or getting items together and getting them ready.

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