Saturday, May 23, 2015

Preparing for Summer Inside Your Home

You’ve been eager for summer to begin since the beginning of the year, but what about your house? You can get your home ready for the summer by making sure everything is in working order inside your home. Don’t wait until the last minute, but instead get ahead by preparing for this hot season a few months before it arrives. From making sure your air conditioning is doing its job to getting your closet filled with summer time clothing, here are some tips to get you started.

Check Your Fridge: Make sure your fridge is in working order by cleaning its condensing coils to keep it running well during the summer. If you’re not sure where to find your coils try checking your fridge’s manual or looking it up online. In addition to cleaning the coils, you can also unplug it and remove the top grate or base plate. Use a nozzle that’s a part of your vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt. You can also continue to keep your fridge clean during the summer by cleaning it every few weeks and disposing of expired foods.
Check Your Air Conditioning: Before summer arrives make sure your air conditioning is also working by running it once or twice before the hot months arrive. If anything needs to be repaired an air conditioning expert can visit your home and help improve your air conditioning and ventilation, etc. depending on your needs. It’s important to not get over heated in your home if the summer is supposed to be very warm.
Get Your Closet Ready: A month or two prior to summer, depending on if the warmer weather is slowly making its way to your home, make room in your closet for summer wear. Ditch the long sleeve shirts and coats for skirts, dresses, and swimming suits. You can store winter clothing in containers or that will easily slip underneath a bed if you need to free up more space. Also consider donating winter clothing that you know you won’t wear next season.
Choose Lighter Sheets and Thin Coverlets: Swap your thick comforter for a thin coverlet and light weight sheets. A simple yet lovely coverlet should be enough to keep you warm during the summer months ahead. Lighter linens with a high thread count will give your room the perfect feel.
Create Fresh Air That Flows: Allow the fresh air to flow throughout your house by occasionally opening your windows. Plants are also a great way to help the air flow. Filter the air by placing a plant next to your open windows and enjoy the cool breeze before summer hits.
Clean Your Carpet and Replace Mats: You’ve most likely waited all winter long to clean your carpet, so before company arrives this summer, thoroughly clean your carpet and rugs. Also replace area rugs with brighter colors and entrance mats with updated mats that will complement your home d├ęcor.

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