Friday, May 22, 2015

Little Dental Hygienists Subscription Box

I have never seen a subscription box like the Little Dental Hygienists box, They sent us a their Starter Kit box to try out and also included a sibling kit so both boys could use this one.

It gives you info on the box on the card and on the other side of the card it has  a monthly schedule of times so you can mark when you brush your teeth for AM & PM.
Inside the little red box it had 2 red crayons in it for marking when they brush their teeth.

Introductory Dental Tool Kit includes:
  • Subscription Box
  • A Welcome Letter from the Little Dental Hygienists
  • Toothbrush Chart
  • A zipper pouch to put your stuff in
  • Toothbrush
  • Two Minute Toothbrush Timer
  • Sticker
  • Specialized Toys
  • Access into the Members Only area where children find a connection with Bo and Abby, as the Little Dental Hygienists present stories, experiments and videos.
  • Coupons
  • Free Stuff!
This is what was in my kit both of my boys really liked it. They both like to brush their teeth and I really liked that it has a 2 minute timer so they can really understand and visually see how long to brush their teeth.

They have 3 different ways to sign up on their site as well. Here is the info right from their site on how their subscription works. 

How It Works

The Little Dental Hygienists subscription program is quite simple but to assure that everyone completely understands what they have to do, and what they can expect on a month-to-month basis.

Starting Your Subscription

To start a subscription, you must first choose your initial Tool Kit or Tool Kit Program and once you’ve received your initial Tool Kit or all the kits in your chosen Tool Kit Program, you will begin receiving monthly booster kits. You will also gain instant access to our Members Area where your child will be able to engage in fun activities and games that are strategically designed to teach children good oral hygiene habits.

Initial Tool Kits Explained

A single, initial Tool Kit is your very first package you receive from The Little Dental Hygienists. We offer a variety of initial Tool Kits that range in contents and price. After you’ve purchased your initial Tool Kit, you will then be billed a monthly subscription fee beginning the following month of your initial purchase. If you purchase a Cavity Fighting Kit for $11.99, your subsequent subscription fee will be $11.99. If you purchase a Starter Kit for $14.95, you will be billed a monthly fee of $14.95.

Initial Tool Kit Programs Explained

An initial Tool Kit Program is the first series of monthly packages you receive from The Little Dental Hygienists. Tool Kit Programs range in months. For example, our 3 Month Kid’s Club Bonus Program include three designer Tool Kits that your child will receive in the first three months of the subscription. You are billed a onetime fee of $34.95, then are automatically billed the regular monthly subscription price and receive the monthly booster kits after those first three months.

Booster Kits Explained

Booster Kits are the monthly kits we send your child each month after they’ve received their initial Tool Kit or all the kits in their Tool Kit Program. Booster Kits include floss and dental pick refills, new toothbrushes, toys, activities, etc.

Membership Area Explained

Upon purchasing your initial Tool Kit or Tool Kit Program and your subscription has been confirmed, you and your child will have access the The Little Dental Hygienists Members Area! The Members Area of our website provides fun and exciting monthly activities, browser based games, printable games and coloring pages, and premier access to Bo and Abby’s blog which is posted to by Bo and Abby themselves!

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