Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ways of applying a wall decal

1.Tools before applying: scissor, knife, card or credit card for squeezing. You are supposed to cut off the blank part of the pattern on the tree wall decal since it is easy to affix.

2. Stick the transfer film on the patterns of the wall decal and squeeze several times by using a card and try to stick the pattern with the transfer film together because there will no air bubble appear on the wall after applying.

3. Tear off the back paper of the wall decal which affixed with the transfer film. If the pattern didnt stick on the transfer film, you can help with a knife. When you are going to stick a large wall decal, you can turn the wall decal in reverse and tear off the back paper of the wall decal.

4. When you are going to stick it on the wall, you are supposed to stick on side of the transfer film on the wall and stick the left pattern slowly on the wall. Then, squeeze the pattern from the middle to the outside for several times by using the card.

5. When you are going to tear off the transfer film, try to be slowly and press one side to tear off. Be careful never tear the pattern off.

6. Then, it is finished. You can have a seat to enjoy your beautiful works.



  1. Great tips, they can be hard to line up correctly.

  2. Wall decals are such a fun way to decorate, but definitely tricky to do well. Thanks for the tips, I'll save them for future reference when we move to our new home!