Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Balance Boards 22" Balance Old-School Cruiser Skateboard Includes FREE Premium Headphones, Stickers, and Grip Disc - Retro Mini Banana Board Style made from High Quality Plastic

With 3 kids in the house that are active I like to keep a variety of activities around for them. We were able to try out the Balance Boards 22" Balance Old-School Cruiser Skateboard.

This fun little skateboard comes in 6 great colors and Brendan was really excited when he saw this one. All 3 of my boys like the color green so this was a easy color choice when ordering.

  • Includes Free High Quality Headphones and Stickers
  • 5 Color combinations to choose from
  • Comes fully assembled with 3.25" trucks w/90a bushings, 59mm/78a wheels
  • Small size makes for easy storage in locker, backpack, trunk, etc...
  • Reliable, Durable Grip/Traction molded into deck surface

The free headphones were a added bonus when getting this board. My 12 year old was able to ride with with easy and even my 2 year old liked to play on it too and roll around. This is a nice plastic board for the value. 


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