Saturday, April 11, 2015

6 Tips for Planning an Outstanding Eco-Friendly Family Vacation

Vacation is that wonderful word that everyone looks forward to saying at least once a year. Many families use their vacation time as a chance to grow closer and learn more about each other without the distractions of their hectic daily lives.

These factors make vacation time essential for most families, but those who are trying to live an eco-friendly life may discover finding the perfect vacation is not always easy. Here are six tips for planning an outstanding eco-friendly family vacation that any family can use to meet their vacation and green living needs.

Turn everything off before leaving the home

Before leaving for any vacation, every family should make sure that their home is not creating any waste or using and resources while they are gone. This is easily by turning off everything that uses energy or other resources before leaving. Home owners can even pause some services like their internet and TV packages to save a little extra money.

Try something other than the normal hotel for accommodations

Hotels can be very luxurious and fun for a family vacation, but not many use a lot of green practices. In fact, every stay in a hotel could create a very harmful on the environment depending on the hotel. If a family cannot find an eco-friendly hotel at their destination, they might want to try something else, like camping or staying with a host family.

Seek out eco-friendly businesses in the area

Every area will have their own share of green businesses that can be easily found and recognized. Families can research to find businesses like this in the area they are traveling too in order to be prepared with some options. For example, an emission-free transportation system from the airport to their accommodations is a great start that most tourist areas have.

Travel on foot

Traveling not only to the destination, but also around the area during the vacation can create a lot of wasted emissions. Families can seek out some better ways to get around that save the gas and their planet. Biking, walking, or group transportation are just a few good options.

Enjoy locally grown cuisine

Instead of contributing to the immense waste caused by transporting goods from one area to another and trying to find traditional favorite foods in a foreign land, families can try to step outside their comfort zones to help the planet. Eating locally grown and prepared food means less waste created and usually a lower price.

Research the common customs before leaving

Every area of the world will have a different culture and different traditions that they follow. Most of those traditions are in place for a reason, and not following them could create big issues for any traveler. Families should learn what is appropriate and what is not in the area they are traveling too in order to make the best eco-friendly decisions. One example is learning different methods for recycling and water conservation.

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  1. We are good about turning everything off, but not many of your other tips - we'll have to implement more. THanks!