Friday, March 27, 2015

Space Evolution Stylish CD/DVD Wallet Organizer 256 Disc Capacity

We have a TV and DVD player in my van and I hate carrying all the movies cases all around with us so I have been looking for something to help us organize our movies. I was happy to review the Space Evolution Stylish CD/DVD Wallet Organizer.

This CD/DVD holder will hold 256 discs. So I can add in my cd's and all of our movies. I like that it has carry handles or a strap to use and it is easy for the kids to carry their movies around with them.
This is HUGE and will hold everything. We are going on vacation soon so this is prefect to hold all 3 of my kids CD's and DVDS. This case is really durable and has a strong zipper. with the case being black it is easy to lay inbetween my seats so that it isn't noticeable to people walking by our car. I really like this and it holds all of our needs and then some.

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