Friday, February 6, 2015

My Nible Craft Travel Sewing Kit

I am always sewing or crafting something and I love that I found this kit that I can keep in my car for on the go. This is the My Nible Craft Sewing Kit and it retails for $20.99 and is on sale right now for $17.99.

 Being a on the go mom you never know what will happen. This kit has all of the basics that you will need all in a little black case.
• A 60" fuss free retractable push button tape measure 

    • A stainless steel Travel Scissors with safety cover 

    • A Seam Ripper with safety cover to pick out stitches 

    • A sturdy Needle Threader to thread a needle fast and easy 

    • A neat Needle Compact with 15 sharp needles for different fabrics. To retrieve the needles, simply rotate the needle compact to the corresponding needle slot and remove the needles 

    • 12 Spools of Sewing Thread in various colors 

    • A Metal Thimble to protect your fingers from the pointy ends of needles. 

    • 3 Safety Pins, 3 Shirt Buttons, 3 pairs of Snap Fasteners and 2 Bead Pins - These will come in handy to mend a tear in a hurry 

We are keeping this in our car from now on and will be great when we take our trip to Florida.  I love the different threads it has also there is a color for everything. There is also a good little amount on each spool. This would make a great gift for someone who is crafty or maybe not crafty at all but would love to have a little kit for a time in a pinch. 

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