Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dream Team Pets Sleep Independence for your Child

I received a Dream Team Pets and it retails for $19.99 plus shipping. We got the Playful Puppy and it also comes in a pink kitty and a lion. Here is what it came with.

It comes with a 10 inch super cute and cuddly "Playful Puppy" Professional illustrated book to be red at bed times, a certificate of training and stickers to reward the pet for a god nights sleep. This product was developed my a pediatrician and really focuses on sleep training and getting creative on how to help your children get to sleep better. 

The book is really cute and includes all 3 animals inside and they book is illustrated really nice. 

This is a really cute idea and it makes the child feel like they are not alone in their bed. They actually think they are training their animal and do not even realize they are training their selves.

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