Sunday, February 15, 2015

DenTek Oral Products

We recieved some great products to try from DenTek.

First are their DenTek Flossers for kids in the Avengers.
These are great and are easy for Brendan to use these on his own teeth to floss and he is 11. I can also use these on Jaxon to get him used to flossing and he is almost 2.

I also received some of the DenTek Comfort Clean flossers for adults.
These are great and I love the pick on the tip to get things out of my front teeth. Danny also loves to use these since they are so convientient to use and one goes a long way.

Another product I received the Floss Picks + Case.
I really love these! You can keep them in your car or I like to keep one in my diaper bag. These are great for traveling and you can just refill them as you run out. I filled one for Brendan with his Marvels flossers and he really liked that.

The last item we tried out is the Loony Tunes Kids Toothpaste in the flavor BubbleGum Blast.
Jaxon is almost 2 and he loves to brush his teeth while on the potty and I just smear a tiny bit on his tooth brush and he will brush his teeth away the whole time he is using the potty. I gave Brendan his own tube and he liked that he didn't have to share. It doesn't have a high powering flavor so they both really like it. It is a great size and fits in my medicine cabinet just right.

Make sure to look for DenTek products are any local store or on their webiste for the full line of products.


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